Hello and Welcome to Maiitikaa's life! My name is Emilie, I'm a 23-year-old French blogger, with a passion for Travels, languages and TV shows.

Like I said I'm french, I've lived in Paris Suburb my entire life in a town called Conflans Sainte Honorine (Capital of Skippers). And experience my first travel abroad at the age of 12, with my school to England.
The funny thing is, I was scared like hell to go on that trip, once I was there it changed everything! So thank you England... mostly London to make me love exploring and discovering new places and riding me out of my fear to go abroad!

In here I write about everything I discovered during my travels...I love food, culture, and photography.

The world is big and beautiful, my desire? Explore it to the end, every corner, every forest, every island...I want to see the entire world!!


Well, let's go back to 2012...

On summer 2012 I graduated from high school and traveled with my two sisters to Australia for the holidays, we spent 5 weeks hitting the roads of Australia in our van like true travelers and that was the end (or the beginning) for me!
By the time we went home, I couldn't think of something else but to go back!

Still, I went back in line, I went to a school of international trade but didn't like it so I change it for university and start to learn languages and culture!

In 2014, I told myself that I had to go back, so I started working and in January 2015 I left everything to go on my own to Australia...on a WORKING HOLIDAY VISA!!

That's why I started this blog, to write about my adventures in this mysterious and wild country and to let my family and friends know that I didn't end up in a crocodile stomach or devour by a shark!

They weren't worried for long since my journey last less than 3 months! Some of you must have already read my first posts (sorry they're in french) so you know what happened!

To be short, I didn't get along with my friends, and it was either go back to France or leave the main disturber in the middle of the desert...since I couldn't see myself alone at the time, we went home to Paris!

Completely depressed from my failure to leave abroad by my own, I left for England and then Scotland meeting a friend of mine...This trip was revealing, I could travel alone, sure I was meeting a friend but the feeling of taking the Eurostar alone, to take the bus to Nottingham alone...the feeling that I could actually handle myself was freeing! So I just started to travel more and more, with friends and some other person I didn't know the very first thing about...I haven't been to a country all alone yet, but it will happen!

I came back from Australia more than a year ago now and truthfully I've never traveled that much!

Finally, I don't regret that my WHV ended up so soon because otherwise, I would never have traveled to Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, Malta, Canary Islands or the United states...after all "Life's what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" isn't it?

I hope my blog is a place you'll be inspired to travel more, to change your plans even if it scares you, I've changed course so many times in my life, don't think that there's just one type of people who can travel the world! we all can when it's really what we want!

Stay around...get inspired...leave a comment...read everything...go out and live...that's what matters!

Hope you'll have a great time on Maiitikaa's life and subscribe if you like!

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