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Hi, guys!!!!

Did you know that Game of Thrones went shooting in Iceland? yeah me too haha, and I totally get why, this place is so wild and impressive, glacier next to volcanoes perfect places for the show, wild black sand beaches, and so many waterfalls you don't even know where to look anymore!

Iceland is also known as "Land of fire and ice" is just 3 hours away from Paris and yet before 2 years ago I never really thought of going there!
And really we decided to go there almost on a whim, summer 2015 my best friend and I came back from our holidays in Ireland and her mom looked at us and asked "Where are you going for your next adventures? you should go to Iceland!" and that how we decided that we had to go to Iceland, 2 years later we were driving a Jeep Wrangler across that very country!



One of the most famous, or maybe the most famous place in Iceland, known for its numerous icebergs, we were super lucky to go on a sunny day, we saw icebergs break apart, imagine those huge block of ice fall into the water and create small was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen.
Then we went for the black sanded beach and that...just blow my mind, since I'm a little girl I dream of going on an expedition to Antarctica or Arctic to see those frozen places, pure nature away from everything and even if it was one of my biggest dreams, I've always been afraid that it was too big of a dream to become a reality and to see the iceberg there in Iceland just made me feel like I was touching my dream, I don't really know how to explain it but the feeling was magical, I felt great!


Silfra is a rift between the tectonic plates of America and Eurasia, the water is only 2 degrees all year long because the water comes from a glacier and can't get warmer because it merges with the lake of Thingvellir and due to the flow the water only goes from the glacier to the lake and not the other way around, this is definitely an experience I will never forget, snorkelling into the water of a glacier, the price is pretty high for snorkelling (price of a dive), but I promise you it's totally worth the price, it last about 30 to 40 minutes and there's no lifeform but algae...You don't really feel the cold only on your face and hands because the suits are really studied so the water doesn't infiltrate and touch your body...
Plus at the end of your tour, they give you hot chocolate and cookies! what's not to like?
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Skaftafell is one of the biggest glaciers of Iceland, at first, we only went there for a short walk but we couldn't resist and went to see the glacier, we could feel the cold, like literally, the closest you were from the glacier the lower the temperature was, such an amount of ice melting in front of us...just impressive!
Then we went for that walk and arrived on top of the glacier, the walk warmed us up but as soon as we arrived near the glacier the temperature dropped down, I kinda loved the feeling, I like cold it's invigorating and I think it represents perfectly what Iceland is.



This is certainly the most stinky place I've smelt in Iceland, haha, the scent of brimstone was awful and for my friends, it was even worst, for me it wasn't the first time I smelt brimstone, still, it wasn't pleasant!
But I was glad to see this geothermal place with my own eyes, with its bubbling mud pots and fumaroles, this volcanic land has so many colors and I saw plenty, like blue, pink, purple, yellow and so many...I was in heavenly!
It appears that Seltun is situated in the middle of the fissure zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which crosses Iceland from the South-west to the North-East.
It almost looks like walking on Mars.


The most active volcano in Iceland, it usually erupts every ten years but it's been now seventeen years since its last eruption.
We kind of get lost trying to climb that one, so we ended up looking at it instead of climbing it, we drove and drove for I don't remember how much hours to end up on the opposite mountain, little advice don't forget the four-wheel drive when you climb a mountain with your jeep, we were so scared, thrilled but scared haha.
But it completely was worth all the time and effort we put in Helka!
For the information, we had no idea that Hekla was so active before we decided to climb it.


Perhaps my favorite place and yet the one that was the hardest for our mind and body, probably why it was my favorite, in the deserted land of Landmannalaugar we had to sleep on rocks and face the wind and the rain, we didn't eat very well (cold white rice, soup, bad bread and other stuff which weren't real meals) but it made me feel so good because now I can say that I did it and it was hard and cold but I did it, we did it, and the walks in there were the best in all Iceland.
We even kept our wrist band just to prove to ourself that it wasn't a dream, we walked on volcanoes, slept with below zero temperature, on rocks (literally for one of us) eat bad food but met really awesome people and well, we were in Iceland so we still had fun!

Do you feel like going to Iceland? If you've already been there I would love to hear about your travel experience in the comment!

*All pictures aren't mine, some are my best friend's @emelinespictures (that's her Instagram if you feel like taking a look)

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