mercredi 17 mai 2017

I know I've been away this past few month, I had a lot to do and well like almost everyone I work full time...so sometimes I get lazy and tired haha!
I don't usually do beauty post but I've decided to open up my horizons...and I'm pretty sure that what I'm about to talk about we'll all agree that we need it during our traveling times!

To start properly let's go back to the beginning...how did I end up at the Fit'ballet event presented by Wilkinson, which was at first organized for beauty bloggers...well my amazing cousin/sister/twin is actually a Beauty Blogger (amazing one by the way):

Link to her blog HERE

So it's my cousin that was invited at first to this event, and asked me to come along...of course, I totally said yes...


Wilkinson introduced us to the FIT'BALLET created by Octavie Escure, a sport I didn't know anything about, it's a mix between Cross'fit and the Ballet...I find it very, hugely...hard, I'm not a grand sports person, except when I have to run after my train or my plane otherwise I don't do much...but it was super interesting, I've always been fascinated by Ballet and there was my chance to try some!

after doing some exercise with Octavie herself, we moved to the Wilkinson part of the evening, introducing their new collections of razors:


I fell in love with it, what's written on the box:
"Razor with four blades surrounded by soap solid that lathers and shaves in one step"
I'm super happy with it, tried it for about a month now and never had a problem, the soap smells super good and it actually foam like real soap would do, the packaging is modern and adapted to our women's grip, men and women have different ways of holding razors, I didn't know that they actually studied that kind of stuff (I told you I'm no expert when it comes to describing beauty products).

Of course, the only problem is that you can't take it with you on travels if you only have cabin baggage.

PRICE: 16,34€


" shaving and trimming in one simple tool"  what's written on the box:
"Razor with five blades for close shave + waterproof bikini trimmer"
I'm not going to write all about how a do my bikini but just so you know it works pretty nicely, the trim is adjustable and there is a serum inside the razor part that is activated by water and makes you skins ask for more!
The packaging of the new collection is very nice, new shiny colors, it's actually modern and well we all know that marketing works on us and we'd rather buy something that looks pretty than the other way around!

PRICE: 14,79€

After the presentation of the new collection, there was a meeting with a french Dermatologist (Marie Estelle Roux) who explain to us that shaving actually never reduced the tanning of our skin but made it, on the contrary, look brighter, and as the same properties as a scrub. Something else we had the chance to discover with her, we can expose our leg to the sun after a sweet shave, but it's better not to do so with other kinds of hair removal, like lasers or epilator.

And finally like we say in french "Après l'effort, le réconfort", not sure you should eat like that, right after sport, it's not really productive, but I had a cucumber-mint detox juice, and a cupcake (I couldn't resist!!!)

so I hope you liked my post, not really use to talk about beauty but if you have any questions or if you want me to do more post like this, makeup during travels or what to pack on your vanity...don't hesitate and leave a comment below!

WHAT KIND OF HAIR REMOVAL DO YOU USE? Razors, Lazer, epilator, wax??

And I would like to thank the people of Wilkinson, who allowed me to come along with my cousin!


4 commentaires on "WHAT A BEAUTY !!!"
  1. Wow, this seems magical time saving piece. I have been using other tools so far but this one looks easy to use, itself is beautiful and I assume is hassle free. Cant wait enough to try it .

    1. Hello! Yes I had an amazing time and those razors are simply amazing and the smell is great! They are easy to use and really take the shape of your legs...you should definitely try ;)

  2. Hey you look so pretty. But i am glad to know how hard working and active person you are. You are enjoying all the colors of life.

    1. Thank you so much for that beautiful comment of yours! It’s really super nice... :)