DUBLIN // Maiitikaa's Life

mardi 2 mai 2017
Did my video about Dublin!!! it was long, very long but I did it haha! it's more of a crazy weekend between girls than a discovery around video, I had a blast during the entire weekend with my sisters and our friends!!

Plus if you truly wanna know about Dublin, I've explained everything in HAPPY RAINY DUBLIN 

Hope you'll enjoy, after all, it's a post about this video so I'll stop writing too much don't want to bored you to death before you even watch it haha!!

See you later, my friends


2 commentaires on "DUBLIN // Maiitikaa's Life"
  1. Your videos are so fun to watch. Thank-you for sharing your experience, I will be traveling to Dublin soon and found this video very helpful.

    1. Hi! thank you, I'm very happy that you like my videos and even more happy to know that they helped you! Dublin is a great city, you'll have a lot of fun there...don't hesitate to tell me what you thought of Dublin once you come back, I would love to hear about it. ;)