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jeudi 13 avril 2017

Finally did my video on Prague, looks like I've been there years ago and yet remember it like it was yesterday! 
hope you'll enjoy it, like my other videos I had an amazing time created it, even if my computer deleted it twice and I had to do it again and again...but it here, and I know I'm not really on my blog these's hard, lots of work and not too many time for myself and my activities!!!

Wanna know about Praha,  I wrote a post on it  OH PRAGUE DEAR PRAGUE!!! 
In case you've not read it yet!

Prague is a very cultural and architectural City, as you'll see in the video, don't mind some of the footage (love you my friend but you don't know how to hold a camera haha, did I say that I love you?) still she's the best, calm and kind enough to help me getting video during our travels!

Hope you'll enjoy, after all, it's a post about this video so I'll stop writing too much don't want to bored you to death before you even watch it haha!!

See you in Dublin, my friends

2 commentaires on "PRAGUE // Maiitikaa's life"
  1. Prague has been one of my top go-to destinations for the longest while ever since I can remember. It has so much rich history and many enchanting sights!

    1. I totally agree, I found Prague to be one of the most amazing place I've traveled to!