jeudi 16 mars 2017

That's it! for the first time in my life I've traveled to Eastern Europe, and it was amazing...it is a real change of scenery and I truly felt like I was conquering an unknown land!
Everything was different when I arrived in the Czech Republic, even though I had a few surprises,...but that's what travel is about, right?


  • Even if the Czech Republic is part of Europe, EURO isn't the local money, it's Czech Crown (Koruna) nowadays 1€ = 26CZK (I spend my entire weekend wondering how the conversion was working...really I had no idea and trust me when you see that the lowest cash that ATM propose is 1000CZK you won't be happy...I tried, like the French girl that I am to type another amount like 100CZK because I still thought that it was approximately 100€, Finally, I gave up!)
  • Second things to know, the conversion is going to hurt...bad, when I took my cash at the ATM (about 2000CZK so 77€) they took 82€ on my account meaning 5€ commission (I have to admit that I use a currency converter and it told me that 2000CZK was about 70€ so I was pissed of to be commissioned of 10€...but now that I do the maths 5€ isn't that bad...I mean England must be worst!)
  • Something NEW, buses only takes credit cards, no cash at all, my friend and I went to the ATM at the airport only because we thought that Buses only took cash...WRONG things don't work that way in Czech republic, it was actually the first time I ever saw a bus that takes credit cards only!
  • It's the same if you take the metro but that's more usual than the bus!
  • Outside of Prague, Czech doesn't seem to speak English that much so prepare yourself like I should have done...you'll have to use the universal tongue of hand signs! (To be fair most French doesn't speak English that much as well, especially outside of Paris!)
That's the first things I wanted to share with you about the Czech Republic because it was the first things that happened to me as soon as I landed.


  • I was mostly surprised by the unwelcoming welcome of our host in the youth hostel (OLD PRAGUE HOSTEL) who didn't do much of an effort to help us understand CZK and even though he did his job perfectly to check us in, he wasn't much of a receptionist!
  • The Hostel as the advantage of being near the Old Prague center and that was a must (well that is if you're not like me and my friend, We were completely unable to find that Hostel without using Map on our phones to find our way, I don't know why because my orientation was particularly good on that trip, it's not always the case...but in Prague is was really good except well ...for the Hostel.)
  • Well the only good point really was that it was near the city center because other than that it wasn't the best hostel I stayed in, usually in youth hostel you look for proximity, the possibility to encounter other travelers and to exchange, talk about why you're here and discover what others have discovered, or even just the warmth that you can't find in a Hotel, well we didn't find any of that, maybe because the Old Prague was too big or perhaps because it had too many levels I don't now, it was a building, and that the rooms were split between apartments and each apartment had its own kitchen, bathrooms, and living room, I didn't felt that little something I love so much about Youth Hostels. (even though we had a good laugh with our roommates for two days! Two french guys Steeve and Zach who were clearly there to party, sleeping during the day and partying all night!! even though we only saw them 2hours a day they were real fun!


Bloody Hell, Prague is such a BEAUTIFUL CITY!!
Like I wrote before, being in Prague was as ecstatic to me as discovering an unknown land and the more I walk through the city the biggest this feeling was getting, it was dazzling, between the gothic Churches and the architecture, the paved streets and the animation... I didn't know where to look first...I had that stupid dazed face all along, looking up and down, going in every direction possible, taking pictures of anything and everything...it was truly gorgeous!

We wanted to visit Prague Castle but honestly, there was soo many people waiting for it, I'd still be there if I had made the queue, But I have no doubt that it was amazing to see, as beautiful as the Basilica that we didn't visit either...I know you are wondering, what have I visited during my stay in Prague?...well my stay was short, we arrived on Friday night and left on Sunday morning, meaning that we only had Saturday to explore the most of Prague....Now I can say that I've seen Prague, because we mostly wandered through the streets, ended up in deserted ones, not a soul or even a cat ...that was really strange but now I think that it was because they were all waiting to visit the castle, haha!!

If you've never been to Prague like it was my case a few weeks ago, don't hesitate...the food is horrible, everything you know is completely different there and some people aren't really kind and don't make you feel wanted but it's worth a few bad looks and a diet...we actually were lucky because we had an AMAZING weather...only sun and warmth during our entire stay (I know one day makes it easy for a good weather...but it could have rained all day!!)

( This thing is freaking scary!!!! ps: I'm terrified of clowns now people can understand why!)


  • Charles Bridge obviously it is really a beautiful bridge and you know I love my Bridges! (one more thing, some people might tell you that it's best to see it at night well I strongly disagree!!)
  • St George Basilica and Prague Castle (if you have the opportunity).
  • Strahov monastery (really nice to see and leads to an amazing view over the city).
  • The Romantik Hotel U Raka (personally I found it scary as hell, with the Teddy bears on the windowsill but apparently it's quite known since we saw a tour guide presenting it).
  • Eat at the Green cove Cafe (All description below).
  • The bohemian Carnevale (we actually didn't know it was happening when we were there, it was a really nice surprise, all the people invaded the streets in costumes named "divertimento furioso", both amazing and scary, the Carnevale is an old tradition (from 700 years ago) respecting symbolic rituals and there are singings and floats...it is a beauty to see and for us it was an amazing surprise!(here for more info).
  • Walk trough the streets both day and night (there is a lot animation and you have to see the cars!!! I'm not a true fan of cars but I know when to admit that a car is gorgeous!)
  • And what's best than my fabulous advice to GET LOST!!!!!


First this place is amazing, near the monastery you can't miss it, it is a very nice place, you feel immediately cosy and welcomed, plus they attract you with food special (fresh Panino or wrap + beer or soft drink for the price of 105CZK = 4€) and a dessert special (coffee or tea + any delicious dessert for 85CZK = 3€) at least that was the deal when I was there haha, but I had a really good lunch for 7€ in total I think you can't really be too difficult about it!

The Staff is super nice and thoughtful, you don't wait as long as it might happen in any other restaurant and they even take some time to explain to you what's on the menu and that was awesome!

conclusion: I highly recommend it !!!

MORE INFORMATION HERE (hope you can read Czech though)

Well, Prague was amazing and kind of an adventure out of my comfort zone for once, nothing was working really as I thought it would but the worst was not to be understood...It kind of makes me want to learn more languages...I finally discovered that even if I'm out of everything that I know the lust for discovery is more powerful than my fear of the unknown and that's fantastic!!

I hope you liked and I'm still happy to share my adventures with you, don't hesitate to leave a comment below...



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  1. Some very good tips here, I travel like you do without a lot of planning and it has its own fun but things like the money conversion are bound to happen! So thank you for sharing this with us!

    1. Yes traveling always comes with suprises! Good and bad but that's the beauty of it ;) I'm happy to inspire and help!