mardi 8 novembre 2016

Well sorry about that, I needed some time for the surprise, haha, I had a bit of a problem getting the video out of iMovie...that thing really is complicated...well for me it was at least! But there it is my very first please be nice to me!!!

I think it gives you an idea of how went my time in the USA!
It was amazing even if we had some problems but that the thing about good holidays...they don't come without obstacles otherwise it's no fun!
You don't have anything to tell that can make people laugh..yeah we love when people have problems during their holidays (minor problems of course!)!

So our last 3 days in New York were great!

where to sleep?

The hotel is really well situated, near pretty much everything, less than 15min walk from Times Square! And for the price, I have to say that I thought we would end up in a bedroom for one on the first floor but we were on the 11th floor with an amazing view over the LOVE sign and a great view over Manhattan! 
The only problems is when it's your last day in NYC and that you leave the hotel but you still have an entire day waiting for your flight and that you want to leave your suitcase in the luggage room they make you pay $4 for each item...which is kind of expensive when you have 10 items to leave in the luggage room!

For our last few days, we visited Brooklyn every side of Brooklyn and do that with a hangover haha....that's hard like really hard!!! (the night before we wanted to go for drinks on a rooftop and ended inside a Japanese karaoke bar...that wasn't a great idea, we were drunk after 30 minutes...I am not even exaggerating...I wish I was because really the party started at 11:30 pm and ended at midnight because the bartender offered us free whiskey shots and then a lovely couple of Japanese offered us an entire bottle of whiskey...we were wasted!!)
So Brooklyn was amazing but really hard!!
When had a break in a gorgeous restaurant...hangover needs food to disappear haha

Where to eat in Williamsburg?

Yet we did not end our day in Brooklyn...because we're completely insane persons we decided to go to Coney Island, to have real's kind of nice...way to crowded for us and a bit expensive but we went on a tour, we went on the THUNDERBOLT....that was SCARYYYYY, I mean the way down was perpendicular to the ground I really thought I was gonna fall!

That day after we just walk through the entire New York City...there was a lovely market through Manhattan's streets and we ended up in a Beauty Bar...that was the weirdest and great place ever haha!

What to do?
  • PRICE: $10 + a free drink
  • More information: The beauty bar
I really liked it, it had a grunge style, with a bit of the fifties...waiting with your drink while it's your friend's turn...don't expect a real manicure... for $10 it's pretty simple but it's still a nice moment to share with your friends for cheap!

We went to eat one last time at the Burger and Lobster...because seriously eating a Lobster for $20 will never happen again! 
For the last day in the beautiful NEW YORK CITY, we just stroll in Central park, rent a boat and spend the entire day there!
I love it and completely get why they love this park! 

Where to rent a boat?
    • PRICE: $15 per hour per boat + $20 deposit (careful to that one they don't say you have to give a deposit)
    • More information: Boating in Central Park

I think it's not working on youtube...not sure why! hope it'll work in here!!

And that's it for my time in the USA, hope you enjoyed the posts and the video!!!

I'll be back soon with a bunch of other posts I wanted to write for a moment...just needed to end up the USA's posts.

Stay tuned for my new adventures and advises!!!

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