mardi 18 octobre 2016

I know I didn't post anything last week! It was kind of a busy week for many reasons...but I'm back and I'm here with plenty of stories to tell, places to go and photos to show you!!

So let's begins with where we went after the Brooklyn bridge...well like I said we went hunting for food in Chinatown!

It is incredible to see the difference of populations from a place to another...it's one of the many things I like about New York,  we go from a pretty mixed population on Brooklyn Bridge to a mostly Asian population and you feel it, when we were on our way to Chinatown, we crossed...like a park... I suppose and it was like in the movies... quite and zen!
I know it's cliché but that's how felt it!

You really see all the shops and new foods and posters on the walls about feet medicine...that was quite impressive I have to say.

The place we ate was great and apparently very famous:

  • JOE'S Shanghai
  • FOOD TYPE: Chinese food
  • PRICE: $25
  • More information: Joe's Shanghai

It's special because you eat with strangers at your table, it's not like you are waiting for a table on your own, nope!! you'll be placed with another couple or a family or even friends depending on how many you are...and I like the ambiance, reminds me of Lentils as Anything in Melbourne. Plus in the restaurant you can see who went to eat there once ( and I'm talking celebrities like Teen Wolf cast, Jake Gyllenhaal, Olivia Wilde and lots of others) I think it's a pretty cool address!

Since we were gone for the day we continued with Little Italy!

It's crazy how this place is amazing, I mean if you love street art or just art it's the perfect place for you and if you don't...Well, you just have to visit it anyway! 
There's a lot of shops and restaurants, stuff to see and it's really worth seeing!
Of course, I have a lot of photos to show you how gorgeous the place is!

It was a very long day of walking through the streets and visiting so we decided to just continue but this time with a "tourist must see"... we went to the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING

Well, I already went on top the first time I was in New York back in 2008 but this time it would be during day time which I didn't do then!
 The view over Manhattan is incredible, it is peaceful despite what people could think, well the view makes it peaceful not the people because I still have to warn you that you're on top of the Empire with pretty much half Manhattan with you (kidding maybe not that much but you get the idea!) You're not alone enjoying such a view but I still get the feeling that there are more people at night!
I didn't feel crushed by the crowd, sure you have to wait to get your photo but not as much as I think I had to wait the first time!

Well like previously I still recommend the City Pass to do it, you'll save yourself a LOT of time like a LOT!! because this time it's preventing you for waiting in the line with those who don't have the city pass!

Still, if you want more information to go there Empire State Building (French) or ESBNYC (English).

The day that followed we hang out at the American Museum of Natural History!

This one was AMAZIIIING, I mean wow it is crazy, well I loved it but mostly it was for my younger sister she couldn't wait to see the museum that is in the movie "Night at the Museum"!
It was crazy to be there, well sure it's pretty much nothing like the museum in the movie but it inspired it so it was fine... unfortunately for me...the private exposition on dinosaurs was private, even with the city pass, I couldn't see it, we had to pay something more to go inside (like I said #cursedholidays), we only had two options, the expo on National Parks and the one on the Univers and the Dark Matter if I recall well...we choose the National Parks...It was a great expo/ movie. I really liked it and well it gave me the most pressing desire to go on a hike in a national park and I think I wasn't the only one to have been affected by that movie!

Same that the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, if you want more information about the Museum: AMNH (English) or Musée D Histoire Naturelle NYC (french).

Well if you go early enough you can see most of the museum by the beginning of the afternoon (you can't see it all in one day I think, the place is huge and there's just too much to see just to do it in one day) so we make sure that everyone saw what they wanted to see and went on a lunch in Central Park!

Well if you want to have a picnic like we did... we just take away some food, we went to:
  • FOOD: All kind of food
  • PRICE: All kind of price (but quite expensive)
  • More information: Whole foods market

Then just find a nice place to eat in Central Park, I know why the Americans love this park, it's a nice break up with the rush of Manhattan.
And because we had a full day the day before we just wanted to enjoy the rest of the day and go shopping! 
We were still a majority of girls (I say that but I don't like shopping unless it's really like a once in a while thing!) but it's good to also enjoy being there, no rush into the must see must do of New York City. 
It's good to also take your time, go shopping, or buy an ice cream and just relax, stroll in the streets, look up and even if you want to go back to your place just to rest a bit! It's good ( of course if you are like me and your have like more than a week in NYC) otherwise you have too much to do to just go and sleep during day time!

The day after we were losing two members of our crew...it was time for them to go back to France... that's what you have to do when you actually work from time to time haha (just joking!) Unfortunately one of us had to go back to work the next day so it's was time for him and my younger sister to go home!

For their last day, we visited the famous and well amazing Grand Central Station!

Well I don't have much to say except maybe that it is exactly like in the movies...smaller though, really I thought it would be bigger but it still is remarkable...the ceiling is WOW! it's too bad that it was dark that day because I'm pretty sure that with the good light that Ceiling can be extraordinary! We stayed barely long enough to take pictures and selfies and then of we went to WALL STREET.

It was their last day so no time to waste and so many things left to see!! wall street was, unfortunately, our last stop but it was worth it, went to see the most famous Bull of America...we touch his bowls like the tradition wants it...to be lucky and have plenty of money or I don't know what else...but that was a real challenge to get past all the tourists and have a shot! so we just forced our way to the bull's bowls and once we all had our turn we left to the Federal Hall right before learning that to get rich and all, you had to do more than just touch the bowls, you have to touch the bowls, scratch the nose and grab the horns of the Bull.

 So that's a fail! I get now why I didn't get any richer the first time! #CURSEDHOLIDAYS

So that's pretty much what we did in New York before my sister and her boyfriend went back to France! 
I think I'm going to stop there, you already have plenty to read..and know that I love and congrats any of you that read this post to the end! you are real CHAMPS!
 I'm not sure I even would have the Patience to read all of it... but If it's interesting enough well it's worth reading so THANK YOU to all of you that reads my blog and come back every time...I know it's not easy especially if you don't speak English but I still want to THANK YOU even if you just to watch the pictures ! 
Hope you'll get at least the last line...hahaha!!!

Stay tuned 'cause next time I am going to tell you all about the discovery I did during my last days in NYC...and there will be a SURPRISE in that post! (really hope you'll enjoy that surprise!)


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