dimanche 9 octobre 2016

The next day in NYC we went directly to the Lady Liberty! couldn't wait any longer!
We jumped on the boat in the morning and started our new day in this beautiful city...

Using the City Pass... really if you go to New York, the city pass is the best way to see every touristic place you want to visit. With the City Pass you can go to Ellis Island as well, we... of course... did both!

Ellis Island is truly incredible to see, the condition of the migrant, the museum and all the name on the wall outside...Well, I couldn't find my name so I can't say that my direct ancestor went to the NEW WORLD... But it's still unbelievable to learn how they turn this small island into something big! the Island was, at first, as big as a rock...kidding I don't remember it's exact area but it's mostly superficial.

After eating a really huge ice cream (seriously I almost didn't finish it ) and shopping postcard, glasses, and other stuff ...we went back on the continent to our next stop!


I don't think I have much to tell about it, the entire world knows about the tragedy of that day, what they did here is amazing though! The fountains and the museum, the mall and the tower are incredible!
It really is worth seeing, and the museum makes you feel the pain of that day...I have to admit I almost cried a few times! Most people there cry or talk about that day, if they're American they can tell you about how they experienced the day.

After the memorial we went eating in a great place the Aroma Cafe II on Dey St. I loved this place, it reminds me of the first time I went to New York I ate in a place like this one but couldn't remember the name though...
You can choose your own plate and you pay according to the weight...and it's usually really good and not expensive!

Then we went shopping in Manhattan before returning to our place in Harlem (More information).

Then we prepared and went out to eat at the Famous:

Of course, before we went there, it rained like hell, Well the usual rain in New York... it was impossible to get to the subway station without being wet like a drowning cat...so we waited and waited under a porch for the rain to stop, I and I only was completely wet since I kinda dance under the rain (not my fault, I'm a crazy person and I love being under the rain...) 

*Thank you for those who still read my blog after this confession aha ha!

I have to say that it really was super good!! I wasn't disappointed at all, and eating a lobster for $20 is something we can't do every day in France or elsewhere for that matters!

The next day I was hyper excited because we walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and I'm a huge fan of that bridge and I really love Brooklyn! What can I say about that bridge...JUST GO THERE!!!

 I don't think I have much to say about Brooklyn bridge beside the fact that I love that bridge!! Our next stop after was CHINATOWN. So stay tuned if you want to see more pictures and have more great addresses on where to go and eat in NYC!!
And I have a great address on where to eat in Chinatown...pictures of celebrities who eat there on the wall...rings a bell?

Thank you for following my adventures here on my blog and on my social medias!!

Do you have good addresses to share? don't hesitate and leave a comment!


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