dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Let's go back to the beginning of our holidays in the USA!

After we arrived in New York on Saturday, August 6th, we drove with our rented car direction Edgecombe Avenue in Harlem to enjoy our Airbnb...and almost 2 seconds after that we went looking for food...yeah I love food but honestly I didn't know if I was mostly hungry or tired...nevermind we just asked our Airbnb host for a nice place to eat before we go to sleep...
We finally landed in some restaurant called The Grange...way too expensive...very very good but too expensive!

My Airbnb:
  • Duplex Apartment hosted by Jonathan Scott

           Situated on Edgecombe Avenue in Harlem, New York, the duplex can welcome up to five guests, two rooms, one with a single bed plus a bathroom and the other with a large double bed and a bathroom. They also have an additional sofa bed for two.

Rented Car:

  • Chevrolet Equinox by AVIS
  • PRICE: 968€ (around $1080)
  • More information:

Where to eat:

  • The Grange Bar and Eatery

         Around the corner of W 141st ST and Amsterdam Avenue, they propose cocktails and food (salad, burgers, and stuff)

On Sunday morning we woke up to experience our very first Gospel...remember my last post, when I said that it was amazing cursed holidays well, the cursed part struck again, no Gospel before 11h30 #cursedholidays, the problem was...our timing! we had to be on our way to Washington D.C at no Gospel for us this time! But it wasn't that bad since they told us that they did it on Wednesday evening as well, we would have to come back at the end of our holidays on Wednesday!


So in my last post Roadtripping to Florida (PART2), after our stay in the Super8 in North Carolina, we drove all day to get back to our very first stay Ashland/Richmond Virginia! But for a change, we decided not to stay in a Super8 even if it was really good.

The swimming pool of the Motel6 was bigger so we choose it!

In a hurry of having the wifi, I put my swimming suit and hang out a little bit on Instagram, some of the others were already in the pool when they all came back yelling and disgusted...they had found a poop floating in the pool!!! a real one...hahaha I laugh so hard! They were swimming with a we didn't wait 2 seconds, we told the director about it and then leave the motel6 and went back to our precious Super8 with the clean swimming pool! #CURSEDHOLIDAYS


  • Super 8

806 B England St Ashland/Richmond Virginia, located on Highway 54 and has a quick access to the interstate 95.

  • PRICE: $26 per person (little tip, it's less expensive if you pay directly when you arrive than to book by phone or on the internet).
  • More information: super8ashland/Richmond
Where to eat?
  • Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
  • PRICE: $10 per person (try the Apple N' Homemade chicken's delicious!! and when you had burgers for weeks there's nothing like a salad to feel good again!)
  • More information: Cracker Barrel Ashland/Richmond

The next day we crossed Washington D.C and then straight back to NYC, You have all the information about where we stayed...because it was at Jonathan's again!

We returned our rented car (there's no way we would drive in NYC) the metro is just so much better!!! Even if it's a thousand degrees in there and once you're inside the metro it's freezing haha but I loved it still!

So we prepared and went directly to the famous:

  • PRICE: $116 for the city pass
  • More information: Top of the Rock
.I have to admit that you've got quite the view over there...Manhattan is simply gorgeous, especially at night, it really was worth the price, there was a lot of people but it's fine since you don't go whenever you want, you have to wait your time to come up! It really was fun to do and amazing to see.

Since we had to wait for a bit before we could come up, we decided to go for a walk and we ended up in Times Square.

 I'll explain everything in my next post about what we did the next day! hope you'll enjoy this one and all the good addresses I've given you !

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Here's some more information about the CITY PASS if you're interested!

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