mercredi 14 septembre 2016

Washington D.C was awesome but now it was time to hit the road and drive to Florida!

Our trip began after our night in Ashland, we got in the car and hit the road for 3h before my sister noticed that her bag was missing...told you that it was Cursed Holidays....amazing but cursed!

So we stopped, and look for her bag inside and outside the car (like it could have been outside haha...but we never know) then we resigned, her bag was back at the hotel in Ashland...we were in Smithfield (if you know the region...then you know how far it is) we ate a hot dog ($1 the hot dog, we were ready to pay it $6...crazy French least the lady had a good laugh and wanted us to come back).

Back on the road, we pray for her bag (with her money and passport in it) to still be at the motel! Everybody was tense but thank God (or Karma or whatever) everything was still there...the nice lady from the reception had it all!!!

This time let's go to FLORIDA!!!

What to do in Florida?

The first day we were in Orlando and well even if we're all grown ups we're still kids in our head so let's go to ....UNIVERSAL STUDIO of course!

We choose the Island of adventure, instead of the studio (some will probably say that we made a terrible mistake by not going to the actual studios but who cares we had fun!!) if you go to the Universal in Orlando and you can afford both then do it!! it's'll certainly need two days to do the entire two park, it already took us one complete day to do the Island of adventure!

To be clear:
  • ONE PARK: $105
  • TWO PARKS: $155
  • TIME NEEDED: 1 day per park
  • More information: Universalorlandoresort

Where to sleep in ORLANDO?

After our great day in Universal Studio, we had to sleep of course!
So we went to the cutest and weirdest motel we ever stayed in...the seascape motel Indialantic!

That motel is something! you're welcomed by a dolphin statue and other animals statues actually, it's really cozy and old type (like the 50's) there's a beach nearby, the Sea Turtles in Melbourne.

That's where we went before we spend the day at COCOA BEACH.

To be clear:

And the drive all the way down to PALM BEACH

Want to know about Palm Beach?

Palm Beach is home to the legendary resort, exquisite mansions, and historic landmarks, lined with stately palm trees, the shopping nirvana of WORTH AVENUE which is famous. The island gilded age architecture will captivate, as will the chic restaurant and a winter highlight, the palm beach food, and wine festival. There's golf, lakes like lagoons and an intercoastal waterway.
Palm Beach makes you feel like there are really rich people around you!

Where to sleep in PALM BEACH?

Where to eat in PALM BEACH?

You have plenty of restaurants in Palm Beach center, with all kind of food...the choice is yours, personally, we choose the ROCCO'S TACOS!
  • PRICE: $3.50 to $25 
  • TYPE: Mexican food
  • More information: Rocco's Taco

The next day we directly went to the EVERGLADES

we cross paths Miami, we wanted to visit it on our way back. 
So we had to go to the Everglades information office because we got lost and couldn't find our way to the Everglades, the lady at the reception, was super kind and told us where to go with great indication! (find FAT ROBERT) haha, that was a good indication... we fed the fishes and off we go!

Thing is the Everglades are big and there's plenty of paths to use...we pretty much did the entire hike in the Everglades we could...except the one we wanted...the nice lady didn't warn us that it was August so the Everglades were closed because of the mosquitos (only the boat part was closed...but come on that's exactly why you come to the Everglades!!) #cursedholidays

To be clear:
  • PRICE: Most activities are FREE
  • ACTIVITES: Hiking, Kayaking, Boating, Rangers program, fishing, camping, biking...
  • More information: Evergladesnationalpark

No boat means getting back on the road earlier...NEXT ADVENTURE!
Want to know where we went NEXT? stay tuned until my next post.
I'll tell you everything you want to know about what we did and where we went!

If you follow me on Instagram or tweeter or any other one, put a #cursedholidays in the comment!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it! 

 Have you ever been to Florida? what did you do?


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