vendredi 23 septembre 2016

so KEY WEST here we come!

Want to know about Key West?

Key West is a Floridian Resort in the USA, it's located at the western end of the Florida Keys. The city occupies the whole last Island (Key West) and it's surrounded by islands. Key West is the county seat of Monroe County, the city is known to be the extreme point south of the eastern part of the USA. It's located about 200km south from MIAMI and 170km northwest of HAVANA (CUBA). Key West is a major cruise port, has a lot of nice beaches and the city center is really cute! you can easily want to stay longer to enjoy it!

More information about Key West?

Where to sleep in KEY WEST?

We actually slept in an AirbnbRyan Stone's boat, WARNING! to sleep in Ryan's boat you have to be a real traveler because there's no running water, no lights except for a campfire and a few fire lanterns, you have to be ready to sleep on the deck, no bed just a mattress and some sheets and a pillow. Take your own food (or eat before) and drinks, be ready to sleep with other people that you don't know anything about and finally prepare yourself for the eventuality that it could rain and you have nowhere but the external cabin to take shelter in. Otherwise, it really is beautiful, you sleep in the Gulf of Mexico, you can see the stars and the moon on the water, it's mostly quite (when there's no engine around) and it's makes a funny story to tell when you are sleeping and a storm is coming down on you...yes it did!

It rained and the wind blow so hard on us we couldn't sleep until 4am (the guy told us that they were waiting for rain for weeks...#cursedholidays) 

To be clear:

  • Airbnb, Ryan Stone
  • PRICE: $30 per person
  • More information: On Airbnb

After the amazing night we spent on Ryan's boat we drove directly to MIAMI.

Want to know about Miami?

Most of you already know a lot about Miami and I'm sure more than I do!
Let's write a bunch of stuff about it still, for those who doesn't know the very first thing about this City!!
Miami is known for its famous white sand beaches, it's art and it's tolerance. The city is multicultural, festive and vibrant! Situated between the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne one, the Latin-American culture is very present in the city. I won't tell you everything about Miami, just go and discover by yourself... 

More information: FRENCH / ENGLISH

My Opinion!

I have to admit that I didn't like Miami, besides the fact that the city is really festive, tolerant and multicultural (which usually is a big deal to me...these are my favorite) but this is not the first impression I got of Miami, my very first impression was I walk along the street to go to Miami Beach all looks were toward me and my friends and family and I didn't feel it like a warm and welcoming look but more like a...yes, a judgment look. Maybe it was because I was on OCEAN DRIVE and it's not like that in the rest of the City but it doesn't make you feel like exploring the rest of it! 
But we finally made it to Miami Beach...not quite what I wasn't the most beautiful beach I've ever seen, and I was really disappointed...we took a bunch of photos and then we drove away...we spend one afternoon in Miami!

I'm willing to hear that I felt wrong and that I should go back and visit another part of Miami and that I'm going to love it! but for now, what I've heard from some people gives me right!

So off we go to POMPANO BEACH

Where to eat?

We were hungry like most of the time (yeah we love to eat...well at least I do!) so we kind of prepared ourselves...we were going to a restaurant this time to eat big occasion calls nice dress and makeup. We really waited for an occasion to get pretty!

I remembered the name thanks to Killian Jones aka Hook in Once upon a time...yeah I'm a nerd when it comes to TV SHOWS.
But unfortunately I can't tell you if it's good or not, we had a little fight within the group because of the price (re #crusedholidays)  and well let's say that the majority of the group had a loss of appetite and our enthusiasm to eat in a nice restaurant had faded. So we drove away and eat at Burger King.
And I pass many but you practically have anything you want, Pompano Beach is a really nice place, it's quite, pretty and life must be really good in there when you pass through the town you want to explore some more!

Where to sleep?
 The next Stop is ORLANDO...NASA!!!!!

About the NASA!

For more than 50years the NASA has worked with thousand of people on and off the planet to try answering some questions, like what's out there in space? how do we get there? What will we find? Can it makes life better on earth? that kind of question, well you know the basics! 

More information: NASA SITE

We went to the Kennedy space center for $50 per adult, and we could spend the day at the Kennedy Space Center, visiting, you can meet with an astronaut or like us watch videos, watch a staged, explore and observe parts of the moon, real space rockets and go on a bus tour of the base!
take pictures, enjoy the simulator like a real astronaut going into space and more.
I LOVED was amazing and I truly recommend it to anyone who's into it!

More information: The Kennedy Space Center

Where to eat?

After a day walking and discovering the NASA! We were we drove to the closest thing we wanted...a DENNY'S and God that was good! 
  • FOODTYPE: American fast food
  • PRICE: $15
  • More information: Denny's

Where to sleep?

That's how our trip to Florida ended, we were now in North Carolina and on our way to NEW YORK CITY, so stay tuned and continue to follow me on twitter, instagram, snapchat(maiitikaa's life) or hellocoton...if you want to now about our adventures in NYC.
Put some #cursedholidays if you enjoyed my post. I'll have a facebook page some day, just have to deal with other things first haha!

Any other cool adresses in florida? 
See you soon for my next adventure in NEWYORKCITY.


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