vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Hi guys, so finally there it post about my time in the USA!!! 
So I'm gonna start with a lot of Bla Bla since there's a lot to talk about...first things first you need to know that we had something wrong every two days! not kidding, it was as prompt as a shrew (I'm terrible with all the expressions...even in French so don't be surprised if I invent them!)

The first day, we arrive at the airport in Paris, we go to the check in for our luggage when we saw that our flight was 2 hours doesn't matter... 2h isn't the end of the world! We're on holidays everything is perfectly fine!
We go and eat something when we (I still don't know by what miracle) saw that our flight was canceled...CANCELED!!!! WHAT? NO F****** WAY! (sorry that was rude).

Life is awful, life is terrible, life is unfair... then a miracle... they have five places (we were five) for the next flight tomorrow (there was no other flight, in any other airport) one of us yelled (probably scared the hell at the entire airport) but he yelled so loud to say that we were five and that it was almost destiny that they (Still don't know by what kind of miracle) but they gave us the flight tomorrow for London then New York!! we didn't care that it's tomorrow because in compensation they'll pay us the hotel and the food for the night, then we have insurances in case of a canceled flight...

(Our Hero!)

A Little bit of advice:
                                    - First when you're in this case, ALWAYS accept that they pay you the hotel (you gain a free night at a hotel, plus a free meal) that's better than paying for the taxi to bring you home.
                                    - Then travel with an insurance 'cause that really helps in a case like this!
                                    - Finally, when you see that the staff of the airport has a solution that you feel is perfect for you...yell as hard as you can, don't be aggressive (that never works) look desperate...that shouldn't be too hard!

That wasn't the best first day of holidays ever but that's part of the adventure so, to me everything was just going perfectly! I had my plane ticket and a hotel and I was leaving for New York the day it's just great.

The shuttle took us to the IBIS HOTEL, is was cozy and simple, the buffet was good so... don't need more for one night!
Of course, the rooms are small and there was a strange smell in our bathroom and we had a view over the I said it was good for one night and free for that matter!
Otherwise, I would have asked to change room (not because of the trash or even the small room, just because of the smell in the bathroom, like a cat had peed on the floor and every single wall) that is why! But everything was okay for my friends so that was just me and my luck!

(Little pic so you can see my entire crew)

Can't wait to write to you in my next post about New York and Washington D.C (more about Washington D.C you'll get why in my next post) since nothing happened the day after (we were on a plane all day, nothing exciting to tell, I watch tv all the time, didn't even take a nap)!!

What about you, have you ever had cursed holidays?

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