jeudi 8 septembre 2016

After our arrival in new New York, we had a few problem with what we wanted to visit ( I'll explain everything in the New York post) thing is one of our must-sees got postponed!

The good news is we would arrive in WASHINGTON D.C earlier!

So we drove about 5hours to arrive in Washington D.C and it was just WOW! Washington you're gorgeous!!
it's just so clear and beautiful, it really feels healthy! Of course, we already saw exactly where to go...all the touristic attractions were right in the middle, we saw the white house, then the Washington Monument, the World War II memorial and just walk all the way to the Lincoln memorial, then we went all the way back to see the Capitol!

I've got to admit that I stopped every two minutes and was like "aww that squirrel is soo cute, aww is soo close!!" like that every time I saw a squirrel! the thing is in France we have squirrels, they just don't approach us...soo that's kind of new!

You can visit the White house if you feel like it, all the information in French are in HERE and in English in HERE.

Everything is FREE!!! If you want to visit something else, like the Smithsonian or anything ...you have a large choice...just go THERE! At least they will give you an idea on what to see and where to go!

In Washington, there's plenty of street food if you like it (you cannot starve to death or be thirsty) and it's not that expensive, I've got to admit!

But we went to eat at the Cosi on 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,  that's more expensive but it's good! it's not a restaurant, it's more of a fancy fast food.

Good luck finding a place to park, maybe there are parking around the monuments but we parked on a quiet street and just walk because it was Sunday and the entire planet seemed to be in Washington D.C that day!

Still, have a good feeling of Washington, it's really nice has tourists, I don't know though if it's a good place to live, I didn't stay long enough to tell! I did pretty much everything in one day...

If you want to take your time and really see and do everything two or three days can suffice! I don't know...what the locals have to say about it? Are three days enough to see all of the touristic things there's to see in Washington? 

But I'll come back one day for you, I haven't seen the Smithsonian and I've been told it was worth seeing, is it true? 

Then after a full day walking and visiting we had to drove 2h from there to Ashland, just to get closer to Florida...still have soo much do see!

We stopped in a motel (That was awesome!!!! Felt like in Supernatural (love that show (in case you didn't know)) it really was great, the woman was super nice, she let us use the pool even if it closed like an hour ago and it was cheap! don't be surprised if the shower regulator fall over your feet, just call the reception and they'll fix it right away (it's a motel, after all, that's part of the adventure!)


  • Super 8

806 B England St Ashland/Richmond Virginia, located on Highway 54 and has a quick access to the interstate 95.

  • PRICE: $26 per person (little tip, it's less expensive if you pay directly when you arrive than to book by phone or on the internet).
  • More information: super8ashland/richmond

Where to eat?

There's plenty of restaurants around, but be careful, they pretty much all close around 10 pm, except for some.

I didn't eat in every single one of them and I'm probably forgetting some but I highly recommend Cracker Barrel, it's really nice, the staff is pretty cool and the food is great, especially if you're getting sick of fast food restaurants and you want a nice place not too expensive!

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