jeudi 25 août 2016
Hi, guys! 

I know it's been a while since my last post, but for those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that I was on holidays in the United States...whatever I'm back!!
A little jet lagged...well not just a little I'm like stupid tired...but I'm back!

So I'm gonna tell you about my last day in London...finally!
We didn't do much, we had to catch up our train around 7 pm so we woke up and went looking for food...yes breakfast is the most important meal of the day soo...brunch time at the amazing Breakfast Club...we waiting for 30 minutes or so to get in, there was a lot of people but it really was good and I ate like an ogre!
And then we went shopping for souvenirs...can't go abroad without bringing souvenirs to your loved ones...they would kill me if I did...or just leave me on the doorstep, like I'm not coming in if I don't have gifts! I know crazy right???!!! (I would react the exact same way!!)

So where do you think people go for souvenirs shopping, huh? To Piccadilly Circus of course!
Yep that one is the right, I can't tell you the name of every store we went in, there's just too many, but I remember going to that Toy shop, you know the one sales are playing with you...yeah that one! One of my best friends got her Hermione Granger wand in there, she was like a child on Christmas...that was amazing to see!

after that we went straight to the V&A Museum (Victoria and Albert) that was something to see, I really enjoy museums and this one was a must do! I'm not going to tell you everything I saw but you know you'll have pictures!!!

After that we went back to our youth hostel to get our bags back and took the subway to St Pancras International, our train was delayed of course and I was working the next morning of course...I was home at 1 am just because that was fun!

That's pretty much about it, I haven't forgotten that I have to do another post with all the addresses I've been in London...don't worry I'll do it. Right after a good nap, cause I couldn't sleep last night thanks to the jet lag...I started sleeping at 6 am (saw the sunrise though) that was until a mosquito piss me off...but I was too tired to chase it so I let it bite me and fell asleep anyway...well I'm done boring you with my misery....see you on instagram, twitter (@maiitikaa), snapchat (emiliepinoy) or pinterest (same name) or Hellocoton (if you're on it) whatever suits you the best!

Where would you go in London?

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