THREE DAYS IN LONDON ( day two)!!!

lundi 1 août 2016

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was in Montpellier last week that why you have "day two in London" today!

So Day two was amazing, I know...What's not amazing about London, you'll ask me? well, the weather perhaps? you disagree? what a bad mouth I am, I spend my entire weekend in my shorts... well, enough Bla Bla!

On day two we woke up early to go strolling in Camden know how much I love markets...well this one is AMAZING!! full of colors and things to see, vintage and new...I was like a child!

First, we went to the covered part, where there were new things like jewels and bags and soaps and so much more!!!
After that, we were looking for the Horse tunnel market where the vintage part is...awesome, the old suitcases and books, the old postcards and the geek stuff like Daleks from Doctor Who or Star Wars stuff that was just great !!!!

But the part where I was in wonderland was the food part!!!!! it was from all over the world, it was hard for me to choose...but I finally stopped at the Mexican stand and get a Tacos while my friends got Indian food!

After having an amazing lunch we went walking on London Canals to reach Regent's Park, it was the first time I was in that part of London and truly I was amazed...after coming for the sixth time in London I am still discovering it. It's like I will never know the city, no matter how many times I come.

And I find that great because it's an endless discovery and it is exactly what I am looking for in this always learn and see new things!

So after the Canals, we reach Regent's Park...Do you know how lucky you are London? In Paris we don't have that kind of parks...soo floral and you can walk on grass which is forbidden in most our parks...of course there's other amazing stuff to see in Paris that London doesn't have, but when it comes to parks you've got the award!

At the end of the day went back to our hostel to get prepared for the final match between France and Portugal...but first we needed to get strength so we went to the Bibimbap in Soho...It was so good!! really I recommend it if you like Korean food, of course!

Then back to the Three Greyhound to watch the match! Well, we weren't the only French in this pub...poor Portuguese, we were 95% French in the pub, 4% English for France and 1% Portuguese! But even if we lose that match and that we were disgusted and quite angry, it was still a great evening, full of new meeting with amazing persons...that is what I like about those pubs!

Well, that's it for day two, I think we had quite a full day!!

What's your favorite Pub in London? I still can't choose, there's just too many of them that I like!

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