samedi 16 juillet 2016

 I said I would write a post about this a while ago, but there were things going on and I had other posts to write before this one.

So why should we choose carefully the people we go abroad with? well first because obviously (and I would know about it) if you don't have the same temper it will be awful for all of you to continue the Journey, second because you may not have the same priority, the same things you want to see or do, so that would be a problem, three be careful to choose someone you know very well,
example: don't go live abroad with your friend or the people you decided to go with, when you know that this person listens to Rap when you listen to Rock music, necessarily things WILL GO WRONG!! It's not about music really I mean I have friends that listen to RAP but it's more about the way to feel and see things that could be too different. I hope you understand what I mean!

When your friend or someone else smokes weed and you don't or if she or he acts like a spoiled princess or prince when you don't give a damn about not having a proper shower in three days because you're stuck in the desert. Things like that!!

I don't say that there is a right list when you choose a person to go with you, but that important if you want your travel to go well, to know what to expect, really!
I didn't when I was in Australia and I left with my cousin!! We discovered our incompatibility quite the hard way, and it put a quick end to our trip, that's why I'm writing this post, I think it is truly important for people to really know the person you go with...I know I left with my cousin I should know her better than other but that was my mistake, I thought that despite our differences we were family so it would be okay...I've never been that WRONG in my entire life!
But hey! we're humans, we make mistakes, it's still an experience to take and learn from.

Well let's go back to the purpose of that post and not talk about me for a second, so choose cautiously that person who will share your space!


About that!

-   Be sure to always have a time of your own...it is very important even if it's only  half a day, it's important for your mind and your spirit to breath and have a moment for yourself (that should prevent murder, fights or abandoning someone in the middle of the desert to die!) of course you don't do that most of it are against the law...it's was hard but I resisted and my cousin is still alive!

(That is the kind of desert I'm talking about!! (resist!))

-   Avoid tiny spaces, don't live in a van or in a car or Something like that for too long! you need to step away, find a motel or a youth hostel even for one night or two, the best would be to have a room for yourself but a real bedroom (even if you're both Inside) will already help you to feel better because you won't be at each other's feet.

( You already have to survive showers like this one, no need for you to  support your awful travel companion)

-   Discuss (if any discussion is possible...not always the case) about your problems, what's wrong with each other, and try to figure out what you can do about it! Listen to what the other reproaches you...

-    Plan things you want to do together, things you want to see and make a plan, it might just calm the tensions.

-   Make friends of your own, (that one is probably the most important!)
Others that shares your interests and passions if that's not the case of the person you left with. And that person needs to do the same on her/his side, so he or she won't get jealous of you and bring out even more fights.

-   If you have to settle down for a while, because of work or anything...RENT...rent an apartment or even smaller who cares! Do it with what you can afford...that can only help, you'll have your own space and you'll be able to have a life of your own, not forced to go anywhere because of the van.

Maybe there's other advises, maybe better ones I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that if I have had that advice before my trip to Australia would already have been better.

In an emergency, if really you can't go on with the person you went abroad, go on separate ways, I know how scary it is to leave a familiar face and go on your own, but you will be just fine I can bet on it!!
If you lived the van life...well talk to that person either you keep the van and pay her or his part or he or she does... then find that place you felt good about and just continue your adventure over there until you feel able to go somewhere else.

I know that my advice is more about going abroad for a long period of time, not just on holidays, that's probably because I hope for you that anyone you'll go on Holiday with, will be able to behave itself for holidays I mean it's not supposed to be stressful right? but I think that my advice can still apply that way.

Well, I hope you will never have to experience that and that your travels will go amazingly and that you'll enjoy every part of it, but in case I'm here for advice and I hope this post can help you!


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