samedi 2 juillet 2016

I'm sorry I was supposed to post it two weeks ago, but life caught up with me and I was quite busy.
So when I say "this weekend" think of the weekend two weeks ago!

SO Welcome my friends to "Le Manoir des Parcs" in Normandy, this amazing place is dedicated to events, I had the pleasure to celebrate two birthdays this weekend in that beautiful manor.
And I had the total, the place counts about 12 rooms with at least 3 beds each, so you can pretty much have a big delirious party in that Manor!

The Manor is located in 5 minutes of Lisieux, 20mn of Deauville / Trouville; 30 min of Honfleur; 45mn of Caen, Havre and of Ouistreham, 1h00 of  Rouen and the d-day beaches. 

The manor is an old summer residence from the 18th century surrounded by a beautiful park with 250 years old trees, an Orangery and an inside pool and a spa.

 It's a really great place to enjoy yourself and your friends... Lucky for us the summer weather was there, everything can happen even good weather in Normandy (just kidding it happens a lot).

If you go there you might also meet our friend the Donkey, some Ponies, sheep and if you're Lucky enough some Deers.

I really had a great weekend there, but the place isn't much without a good host and great friends, my friends had prepared for us a private firework, dancing giant people/robots (not sure how to call them), a private food truck and lots of fun!! creativity is a must during parties!! everything was there, the place really was a must! and no neighbors to complain!! I don't really know what much to say about it, our weekend can be summaries in a few word Alcohol (since it's a party...come'on) Music and Pizza, lots lots of Pizza, Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the afternoon, Pizza on the evening and Pizza at night... Like I said Lots of Pizza!! So friends, enjoy your weekend, your parties, not doing much this weekend but the next one is going to be AMAZING since I'm going to ... LONDON!!! Stay tuned I have a lot of things to tell you and to write!

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