lundi 25 juillet 2016

So, guys, I'm back from LONDON!! It's been always, London is such a vibrant city, full of colors and great food despite everyone's belief!
Let's go back to day one, I left with two of my bests friends on Saturday morning, me being me I didn't have any pounds...So first things first, go to an ATM to have some cash! then we bought an Oyster card...those cards are really handy, you put a certain amount on them depending on where you want to go, most of our adventurous weekend was in one specific zone so it was about £25.

Well, let's continue, we went straight to our youth hostel, the YHA that youth hostel was really beautiful, really modern and the staff is super nice...they were sorry that France loose the match against Portugal hahaha they really are great! it's pretty clean even if the showers could be better as long as I have hot water I'm fine! the breakfast was good, the only shame is that there is no more animation after 11 pm but that's London in general so I have nothing to say about it!
Since you never know if it's going to rain or all of a sudden be warm and sunny! we pack heavily...I was wearing my pants thinking that it would rain...well I was wrong guys...I had my only short all weekend, expect to hang out at night and Monday since we had some shopping! (but that's for later!!)

Well I won't tell you all the details, don't want you to get bored but we went to Notting Hill to see the colorful houses and the market full of food...I LOVE FOOD in case you haven't noticed yet!!
Without any surprises it was crowded...but on a Saturday that was no surprise, it didn't stop us though and we enjoyed every second of it!

I do love markets as well, it's amazing to see people talk to each other and interact with one another, and frankly when it's vintage it's even better! So we simply stroll and took pictures of everything (especially the doors...that's one of the things we came for after all).
But I have to admit that we were looking for food after a while...the first thing we've noticed, well it's dessert! Then what would accompany the dessert...(SMOOTHIE!!) and finally after a very long and very dirty struggle we went for the was really hard between the food from all over the world but my last fight has been between a hot dog and a £3.50 cheeseburger.

After we devour...yes we devoured our burgers...I was so hungry that it barely last 3minutes! we kept strolling until we buy dessert and then walk straight to the Holland Park for a break!

Then we went back to our hotel to change and get ready for THE reason we were in London...The Romeo and Juliet play at the GARRICK THEATRE played by Lily James and Richard Madden. That was a birthday gift my friend and I offered to my other friend (still with me?).
I've never been that excited in my entire life...and quite disappointed too because the lovely Richard had broken his ankle and so didn't play our dearest, Romeo. But still, it was amazing to see Lily James and all the other actors for real! you know when you never see an actor for real they stay like a kind of myth (Right! I'm the only one thinking this, am I not?)

Well, these days were still amazing, One of my friends lived in London for 4 months and she was happy as a clam ( I think that is the way you say it?) to be back in her adoptive home!
We ended up our evening in a Pub (nope I am not an alcoholic...just like pubs!) the Three Greyhounds. It was really nice but same problem, it was almost 11 pm and it was about to close so we only had one drink and went home (to the hostel).

If you want the addresses of all the place I've been eating or drinking or shopping...I'll do a post about it, then you'll just have to click there! I wrote a post just with all the addresses... whenever I can.

Hope you liked it, maybe I am writing too much about my life haha, tell me if you liked it or think that it's too long and that I don't need to tell that much about my travel...I mean I would have written the same way in my travel diary.

ps: Some of those photos have been taken by Emeline aka Emelinespictures on Instagram.


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