lundi 20 juin 2016

This is not about travel, it's very different from what I usually write about, it's just that I am tired of surviving...

There is soo many people nowadays that quit their jobs and completely change their path, a Trader that leaves everything behind to become a butcher or even a marketing communications Professional that drops all of it, because she travelled the world and opened her eyes to LIFE and became a veterinarian assistant in Australia...those people studied for years and worked for even more years behind a desk, they quit everything they knew to be steady, to live their Dreams because they finally get it...survival is good but to live is better !!!

Inside the society we survive, we listen to other person's advice, we want to blend in, to be part of that society, not to be considered as a pariah or a looser. We want to make a good impression in front of others, to make them envious of our great career, to be a role model in that beautiful society of ours, the perfect soldier, many are happy this way , they need this, they need to be inside of a secured circle, to be told what to do and when to do, have a career, a home, a partner and a child or two that's life! and that's great, but it's not the only way of living, I can't imagine myself behind a desk my entire life, I crave for something more...I'm still inside that circle, and I've seen so many people saying that life is hard, life is unfair and not doing anything about it, I know that some people have debts and bills to pay, I can totally understand why they can't change their life for the better, for what they truly want, quit a job they hate and do whatever the hell they want!
But I don't understand why those who can and want too, don't do it! maybe they're like me, afraid to jump into the uncertain...but I'm sick of people I don't know anything about telling me how I should live my life...for god's sake it's MY LIFE!!
If I want to travel the world and write about it, I will do it, and if I fail to do it well those people will be welcome to tell me "I told you so" at least I would have done it.

I've been trying to blend in for five years now and every time was an epic fail, I will have to do it my way at some point. Saying it, is the easy part, but actually doing it, be brave enough to listen to myself and not to listen total strangers, that's the hard part!!
The thing is I rather live than to survive in a society that's telling me since I'm ten that I'll do nothing of my life if I'm to kind and that it's normal to have a bully as a boss....I'm sorry but what king of shit is that??

My post is probably cheesy and all but I have a blog and it's to share everything that I want and I thought that was important to explain how I feel and that others who feel like I do might see that they're not alone. And Explain to you that it's okay to want something more than just to please others.
Just jump into the unknown, we don't owe them anything, don't listen to those who tell you that " if you do that you will ruin your life!!" that life is yours, so enjoy it, you only have this one, you won't have a second chance, don't wait until it's too late, I won't, I'll do everything that I can to live it to the fullest, it's hard and scary but at least I would have tried that's more than others could say!

I kinda hope that it will help some to feel better and motivate to jump off the cliff, that was my feeling Inside and now out! hope you've enjoyed!!

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