dimanche 15 mai 2016

My post is not gonna be that long compared to the other ones, I mean I don't have that much to say, I just want to give you my feeling about the City! Because besides visiting the Souk and wandering in the city, I haven't done that much in Marrakech!

Well I have to say that I was pretty excited to go to Marrakech, it was my first time to Morocco and I heard so much about Marrakech...I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed, I liked it because I always like to discover new countries and new culture, and I was pretty amazed by the change of scenery over there...but I heard so many good things about Marrakech that when I finally visited the place it wasn't like I expected it to be.
I'm probably one of the rarest people to think that way about the City, perhaps I imagined it in such another way that when I saw the reality it hit me hard in a bad way!
I know it probably stupid of me, but I imagined it a little be like in Aladin, I what waiting for it to be more "magical" in a way!
I told that to some friends of mine and they said that maybe I should go back with someone who could guide me and show me the place as it really is, the beautiful place and the Morrocan beauties...
The thing is I loved Morroco, I just didn't like Marrakech...I couldn't really explain my feeling about it, I would say that I didn't like the atmosphere ....Yeah, I think it summarizes my feeling!

I'm used to visiting touristic places, but I have to admit that I am more of a landscape person, discovering nature and amazing places far away from the crowd, that's probably why I loved visiting the Atlas mountains more than the city of Marrakech!

What about you? What is your feeling about Marrakech?


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