lundi 9 mai 2016

Located at 25 minutes by car of the Medina, the Royal Palm is an amazing Hotel, made to feel as guests are alone in the world...and what a world...With a gorgeous view of the Atlas Mountains and a large field of golf, many palm trees and a 2 000m² swimming pool guests can rest in that authentic Morrocan Oasis.

Rooms are modern and the smallest is about 72m², this luxury hotel has 8 différents types of rooms, from the junior suite to the presidential suit, going through villas!
The Royal Palm offers a large range of activities, Spa (hammam and sauna, as well as Massages) aren't included, when it comes to the sports center, all is included but the special coaching (yoga, box or any other sport that they offer). You can also find a swimming pool especially for the spa and another one at the sports center. The hotel is mostly known for its Golf field as it is big enough for everyone to try it, and one of the best in Morocco!

Try all the restaurants that offer Moroccan Food with sometimes live Moroccan music, the staff is great, very understanding, very can ask them everything if they can do it they will! This is the very point of luxury.

If you wish to visit Marrakech, a special coach departs from the hotel 5 times a day!

Hope you enjoy the article and that my description of The Royal Palm of Marrakech gives you the envy to go...I have never been that amazed by a Hotel before, the luxury is real and not that expensive!

All the pictures are from a Suit Palm

PRICE: 230€/night
                         Km 12 route d’Amizmiz
                         MARRAKECH, MOROCCO
                    +212 524 48 78 00
                    +212 524 48 78 01

So What do you think of it?

Pleins Des Bisous

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