lundi 4 avril 2016

For those who never visited Malta, it is a little island inside an archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 60 miles South of Italy. I thought that they were speaking Italian but nope, they speak Maltese (I think that how you say it! it's a mix of English, Italian and Arabic! to me it sounds like that!)
I've been there for 3 days, first landed in Valletta, beautiful ancient city, full of culture and naval history, various countries has ruled the Islands, French, British, Spanish, Romans etc... The thing is, they all left an incredible Something that makes Malta unique!
Valletta reminded me of those ancient cities we can see in movies like Gladiator or Game of Thrones, with all those rocks and big walls all around to protect the city, then there is the harbors, three different harbors, with each a particular story. Really I've been impressed by the culture around Valletta, and I think you can be impressed too, I admit that there's not much to see, to me... being in Malta for three days was far enough to discover everything there is to discover, I saw Malta, and Gozo Island which is absolutely gorgeous!

So day2, I took the ferry and arrived in Gozo Island, the second largest Island of the archipelago, lucky me, the weather was fantastic, sunny and warm like you can wish for whilst traveling.
In Gozo, I visited the Megalithic Temples, which are older than the Pyramids of Egypt can you imagine that???
Well I couldn't but I've seen the temples, the walls were inlaid with seashells and a special rock, apparently, the rocks were imported and carried with round rocks and tree trunk. The view was quite special as well, over the entire island, and one of the 365 Churchs there is in Malta archipelago, there is one Church for each day of the year on islands that are barely bigger than Boston!
After that, I went tasted local food and liquor, then went to the Sea Shells restaurant for lunch, that was really good! and it was next to the sea, you know how much I love the sea, I couldn't resist and soak my feet in the sea!
Then for the afternoon activities, I went on a boat to discover the gorgeous Azure Window, water like you've never seen, blue like Azure stones.

Day 3 was the visit of  Mdina city, unfortunately the sun was hiding behind clouds for my last day in Malta, This place is also known as the Silent City (I couldn't help to think of The mortal instruments books with the Silent Brothers...okay okay ending my book nerdy thing right now promise!!) so Mdina is..for most of the city, residential, you can find a few shops but Nothing more, you have only two entrance and no car is allowed but the residential ones.
Practically no one on the Streets, you are completely alone in the city of silence! very windy though and still a lot of history and culture about why the city is surrounded by big walls.
I ended up my weekend in Malta by eating my lunch in the Point de Vue restaurant! really good food and a lookout that is going to make you want to stay inside the restaurant all day long!

There it is, the end of my post about Malta, I really enjoyed my stay there, for the Hotels I stayed in the DOLMEN (great view, great staff, and amazing food! I think there's Nothing else to say, I loved my stay and highly recommend that Hotel) and visited the TOPAZE (personally I don't like the Topaz but it is only my opinion, the view isn't pretty, and the hotel seemed abandoned).


Hope you like it, please leave a comment below if you feel like it, I would love to know what you think about Malta or my post or both!!


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