mardi 19 avril 2016

Well, a previous post I wrote about the Post-travel (traveler's) blues, but what about the blues that happens whilst traveling? That kind of blues generally appears to long-terms travelers, it is a reality that can touch you anytime, sometimes instead of hiking a beautiful tropical rainforest in Australia, you're just staring into the horizon thinking deeply about the people you lefts behind, those people you care so much about! thinking about the birthdays you missed or the bond between your friends or brothers and sisters that get tighter because of the routine they share while you are away living the life you've always dreamed about.
And at this point you're probably thinking "I'm really such a joke, I'm living this amazing life full of adventure and freedom and yet I feel empty" you just wish to be able to teleport yourself back home just a few days to reconnect with your family and friends and then go back again to your life feeling a lot better!
It's kind of dangerous to let your feeling going down on this road, I've been there when I was in Australia, the first time ever I left my cosy home and easy certain life for adventure, yes I left with the wrong people (btw I will probably write something about that too) which ended my amazing adventure sooner than expected but I'm not completely in denial, it was also the travel blues, first time away, missed family reunions and birthdays, the idea of not sharing the life of my beloved that  was really hard and I know that it played in my decision of going home earlier than I should have!
But with time and perspective, I know now that two days before living I was feeling better because I had other friends than the ones I left with to Australia but I already took my ticket back home.
And I know that if I had a job and rented an apartment instead of a small van shared with two other girls I had nothing in common with, a life to built instead of doing nothing all day but hitting the road just to visit some other land and doing it all too fast, I would probably still be there (not that I totally regret my life now, I've visited so many countries that I wouldn't have if I stayed there).
But if you don't go through your blues, think deeply about what's causing it, to what you can to fix before just leaving it behind.

So my advice to overcome this ...most certainly... temporary travel blues, are to:

First REST 

Because being exhausted makes everything muddier, like I said to stop a while, find a town, city or a place you feel good in, stay there for a whilst and rest, think about everything, regain strength to continue your amazing adventure!
And if your heart after resting and thinking through everything still tells you to leave and go back home then it's totally alright, go back to your roots, find strength around your beloved ones to know what you want to do next.


If you're feeling rest then think about the cause of your blues, it can be about so many things, family, travels, work or anything else you care about, GOD it can also be because of the lack of routine in your thought that you left exactly because you were tired of the daily routine, well now you know that you can miss it too... not having a routine is exactly what happened to me, that's what created my blues and every living being knowing me knows that I left because of it!
But it's also really hard to live in a van with two other girls! that's really impossible, especially when you have nothing in common and you can't tell stupid jokes because they probably won't laugh at it or just being silly because they'll think you have a brain stroke! yes, that happens so routine can be GOOD!!!!!


GO OUT!!! make friends, other friends if you left with some, meet people, party, laugh, have fun and just talk to someone else! you'll see it works, you'll already feel better!!

After doing all this (and there is probably advice that I missed and that others could give you) but you'll feel all better, It's all normal to feel alone and missing the ones you care about and leaving your life behind, but you've got to tell yourself...YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANTED SO BAD! you left that comfort zone, you did it... the only person you have to care about is you, and nobody is here to tell you how to do things and how to live your own life!
 It's a chance that not everyone is capable of taking, not just anybody can leave it all behind to pursue their dreams, you already did it, now you just have to focus and get it all together and continue to be strong and brave! and ENJOY... Because traveling is AMAZING!

What do you think about this? do you have more advice or any comment? 
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