samedi 26 mars 2016

Hello guys,
I had such a busy month, I had not a single minute just to sit down and write in here!

Fortunately, that awful month is about to end. And just when I needed it, my traveling days are about to start again, next week I'll be flying out to Malta, so stay around to read all about it!
for now, I have nothing planned until well next week but then until July where I'll take the Eurostar to London with dear friends of mine, but it doesn't mean that I won't take off somewhere else in the meantime! "A real adventure soul does not have to plan and push for the next adventure, because it comes upon it itself" I don't quite remember where I've read that, I just wrote it down so I could write it in here hahah.

Enough talk about me, I kind of told you in my previous post "WHERE TO GO IN SYDNEY" that I would do one on What to do in Melbourne so this is it!

Melbourne is an amazing city, full of stuff to do, things to see, friends to make... When I was there at first I felt bad, it was a great city, too big for a small girl like me, still, I put my fears on hold and went exploring that famous place, and discovered that there was a lot to see!
Fashion, Sport, Food, drinks and parties...(I won't write them all) enough to say that you have a lot to do in here not to get bored or feeling alone, and yet I haven't done everything!

first of all, if you're a backpacker like I was, go eat there!


Go to one of their restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Abbotsford convent and in St Kilda, choose what you’d like to eat thanks to their buffet and enjoy a delicious meal, talk to people and listen to some music in a warm community space. See how you feel about your meal then decide how much you want or can pay, and put your money and cute little boxes in the restaurant.
At the Lentils they value trust, generosity, and respect, they don't care how much money you have, or if you don't have any money at all? you go there to share with others, and trust me when you feel alone, going there is the best way of making friends and to say goodbye to your blues. If you can't pay them with any money, they are more than happy to welcome you to help them at the Lentil.

When you visit Melbourne the first thing you learn about it is that it is one of the world's great street art capitals, you can see paintings everywhere in the city.Here are a few street art locations:
  • Hosier and Rutledge Lane, opposite Federation Square
  • Caledonian Lane, off Little Bourke Street
  • Union Lane, off Bourke Street Mall
  • Rear of 280 Queen Street in Finlay Avenue
  • 21 Degraves Street
  • Cnr Flinders Lane and Cocker Alley 
  • 122 Palmerston Street, Carlton
  • Centre Place, between Collins Street and Flinders Lane
( Sorry mates don't have many photos of St Kilda)
Just because St Kilda is a place of itself, and what an incredible place, Kitesurf spot, other sports spot and most of all, you can observe the penguin on the beach. Close to the city St Kilda, it's also restaurants, cafe, music... a place full of life! You can't go to Melbourne and not go to St Kilda Suburb, it was really one of my favorites!
I did not stay long, but there's plenty of things to do that I didn't, like go on a sky adventure in a Hot Air Balloon with "Global Ballooning Australia", the "Royal botanic garden" I did the one in Sydney though, the Luna Park still did the one in Sydney, and my favourite advice... I know I repeat myself but GET LOST!!! explore the City, on foot, on bikes, by tram...forget your car, your van, it's impossible to park and it's expensive, don't even think of not paying, you'll have a fine before leaving your car.

So these are my advise if you go to Melbourne, one thing you can be absolutely certain of, is that you'll make friends in the blink of an eye, you met someone and that someone tells you to come over tonight they have a party with many friends and BAM ! you have some more friends..of course I am not telling you to just follow any stranger that tells you to come alone over its place but trusting people from time to time is a good thing. Not everyone is Dangerous in this world, most of the people are amazing! I still have a few friends in Australia some I haven't seen in Four years and still we speak to each other, dreaming about the day we'll finally see (because yes I have not seen everybody last year) but these are the kind of friends you can make, people you won't see for a long time and yet still be close over the years.
What do you think about what I said, do you have long distance close friends too?
Hope you enjoyed the post, promise I'll try not to wait a month between post anymore, even in busy times! see you next time for my post about Malta!

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