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I've done a post on Where to go in Queensland and Northern Territory but there's also Sydney and Melbourne (I will write another post for Melbourne) that I've visited while in Australia.
I thought about it because there's plenty of people on my Facebook page who are going to Australia these days and they always asks about Sydney, what they can do? where they can go?...well I've decided to write about the places I've been, and the things I've visited!!

First my transcendent hotel:


Near the city center of the Opera side of the bridge, the Newton Space Hotel, is amazing, you want to live your stay in a college, like you're a student in that beautiful place, well that how you feel, first of all, you feel like you've just been accepted to Hogwarts, then you enter and see that to check in you have to go in some sort of director's office (yeah that's kind of fun to me) and that your room, is a student room, problem you don't have anything to cook and you actually aren't supposed to eat inside your room, you have shared bathrooms...told you, you live like a college student, to me it was amazing times...

Where to eat:


It's quite expensive but a real pleasure for your palate! With a big breakfast for $20, you don't eat over there every morning, but if you want to change from the Mc Morning or the cereals you do eat every morning, go there even if it's a one-time thing! 
Nestled inside Camperdown's Vitoria Park, near the University of Sydney as well, it is peaceful and you can enjoy a great time and breakfast, or lunch, the choice is yours....

What to visit:


I am not going to lie to you, I've been a real tourist, I've visited what thousands of thousands of people had visited before me, but The OPERA is one of the major reason for visiting Sydney, but not the only one obviously!
It is even better in real life, I was so excited when I finally saw it, touch it even because I couldn't believe I was there...I don't have to tell you because you probably know it by now...I have a fascination for Australia, I've been there twice and I will go again, so ... Opera House it is not the last time we saw each other...and it should be the same for you...go, fall in love and never go back!


Because you aren't lazy and you've done all the way to the Opera House on foot, you need to rest, there's no better place than the Royal Garden, everybody is there, but there's so much space that you can easily spread your stuff on hundreds of meters no one would notice! enjoy the company of birds you've never seen before in your life and a well-preserved vegetation!


All I have to say is that, I've visited it, it was fun, it was nice...but I was sick as hell!!! I could barely walk straight because I felt so bad during that day, the only thing I wanted was to go back to our student room so I could lie down and sleep all day...that happen sometimes after flying during 22hours and being jet lagged and other stuff that explains why you're sick the first few days...It was hard but I lived and enjoy myself later. So my advice, go there, have fun, take pictures, take selfies and then go on a merry-go-round...if you're not too sick!


Climb on it, walk on it, dance on it and go through it, there's no specific way to walk on a bridge, but you'll never regret to go on this one...one amazing Vue of Sydney (really good to take pictures) there's a bit of a wait to climb on the bridge...but come on you have to do it...even if it is not the last time you're in Sydney...you never know...life is too short not to climb on bridges!


 (Next to Wesley College)
 (Camperdown's Sydney)
 (Sydney's Harbour)
 (Hyde Park)
 (Amazing Weird Bird)
 (Sydney Marina)
 (Sydney Marina)
 (artistic roundabout, next to Harbour Bridge)

I've told you already, the best way to visit a place, a city, a country is to get lost...choose a street and start over there, then wander, stroll, do it your own way...there is so much to see when you take your time, plus you live under the sun, do you know Something better than the sun to make you feel free and irrevocably better, I always feel better and happy when it  is warm and sunny out there...especially if I am abroad!
I could not give you a better advice than this one...according to me, it is the best!

I've been in Sydney for only a short period of time, but it is already part of my favorite cities on this Earth.

Do you agree? What do you think of Sydney?


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