dimanche 7 février 2016

I've been told that my previous post was good but, that I haven't shared any addresses, so I thought about it and yeah you probably want some addresses for your next trip to Amsterdam!
Well here are the places I've been!


The Mother's restaurant, they actually collected pictures of the mothers of their clients, now on the walls, you can see hundreds of pictures along with antique pans, plates and biscuit tins. In that restaurant you'll taste their famous Hotchpotch (you can have it vegetarian if you like), that is kind of the traditional plate...the service is really nice, the food...was quite good, not amazing though but that's probably because I'm french we're kinda picky with food! 
If you want traditional, go there!!

Toos&Roos :

Fan of pancakes and bacon, well in this place they kindly mix both with on top of its cheese and icing sugar! You prefer a little soup, worry not they have it too, pumpkin soup, thaï soup or chickpea soup, you have a choice and all of them are delicious and well presented, what about the service? the best you can ask for, great people, kind and happy to help if you need the advice to visit the City!

De Drie Graefjes:

Well, that is a place to go, ever tried a Crab Burger while drinking a leek soup, served with any kinda tea you like...well me neither until I went there...did I forget to mention the cupcake for desert? Yeah, I think the word you're looking for is YUMMIII!! Plus it is in the center of the City, right next to the shops and the train station, the souvenir shops and everything you want, it is in a small street so you can eat outside without being disturbed by all the people passing through! The girls that served are amazing, they're smiley and it is a real pleasure to eat there!

Café Josélito:

A really very nice Tapas restaurant, they speak English, Spanish, Dutch and French, all to say that they will understand you if you don't speak Dutch, personally I tried to speak Spanish (it's a tapas restaurant) but that was not a success, tried some Dutch that was worse, in the end, they decided for all of us that French was the best choice!
And well this time we ate like for real, not like babies, more like a football team!! I think we choose pretty much everything that was on the menu!!! Not my favorite Tapas restaurant but when you're hungry well I could eat an elephant (yes I do have amazing references...if you can't tell where that quote is from...I strongly suggest you Watch all the Disney again!!)

So that is every restaurant we've been, I don't have lots of addresses, Like I said in my previous Post 3days in Amsterdam I went partying in Leidseplein the pubs, bars and clubs are great, the drinks are a little expensive, like 5euros a shot!

And voilà, I hope you'll like this addresses and if you have any other ideas on where to eat in Amsterdam, please feel free to share it in the comments or if you ever went there I'll love to know what you think of them!!

Did you ever test those restaurants? Or do you want to try them?


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