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I'm sure you've noticed too, that when you are traveling, songs have an immediate effect on your mood, or at least that is what's happening with me!
They have a tendency of making me feel free, whatever kind of songs I'm listening to, so I've decided to share the songs that affect me so much and makes me want to travel, even more, every time I listen to them.
first of all the Departure Song, that one of the most important, because it has the power to give you strength if, at the moment of leaving your home, you feel lost and not sure anymore of whether you want to go or not.

DEPARTURE SONG ( yes that how I call it)

Goodbye to you by Michelle Branch

I know that it is a very old song and that it is a love song but I can't change the way I feel when I listen to it, I just imagine that the words are about leaving your life and your loved ones behind to go and live your Dreams.
Since then I can't stop listening to that song when I'm on a plane or on a bus, a train well everytime I go away to live my life as I want it!

THE ROAD SONG ( Still actually calling it that way)

A Sky full of Stars by Coldplay

This is my favorite travel song ever, listening to it and picturing myself on the road, arms open through the roof window, feeling the Wind on my face, with the sun above me, is the next best thing in the world after when it actually happens.
That song is about finally getting the freedom I ever wanted, don't you feel it too? To me, this is the best traveling song of the world!

THE DREAMING SONG (no need for me to specify that I do call it dreaming song)

Somewhere over the Rainbow by Iz

Wow, listen to it and tell me that it's not giving you a feeling of joy and freedom and that you don't relate it to travels! It's calming and peaceful, and exactly what you need times to times to feel better on the road, helps me sleep sometimes! Great song when you feel alone at night.

HAPPY SONG (I'm actually not the one who calls it that way)

Walking on The Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

Yes, I do love old songs, to me some of them are the best, probably because I'm nostalgic or Something!
That one, well what can I say about it that you don't already know, to get ready in the morning and have an amazing traveling day, enjoying life and the moment (because life is about the moments) there's no better song, And it always makes me want to dance even if I am in the middle of a very popular street.

THE SONG (I don't call it that but I never gave it a name so)

Maps by Maroon5

Driving fast (not too fast) and enjoying the moment, appreciate life and the opportunities that life has offered you, that if what that song is about to me, it's always what the song are about to me, (and you if you want to tell me of course) When I put on that song I'm no longer in this world, I focusing on the road in front of me, how fast I drive to make it even better, the feeling of speed, freedom, and Dreams that turns into reality.

THE TRAVEL SONG (To me that's the travel song because of Walter Mity)

Stay alive by Jose Gonzalez

Can I say Something more than what's just said in the title? Stay Alive, move, dance, scream, do what makes you the happiest person in the world that's what's important in our short lives.
We all end up the same, but it is our lives and what we did with them that matters, live your life as you want it.
If you want to be a working person and work for getting a greater paycheck well do it, if you want to have an amazing work that you love and not having anything else in your life well do it, if you want to never work and do nothing but going shopping or at the gym with your buddies well do it, and if you want to travel and live your life as a nomad always on the road well do it.
If you want to do everything that I just said or Something else, well the only person that it's stopping you from doing it is yourself...just stay alive! 

This are my favorites but of course, I have plenty other songs that I find perfectly fit for travels, like Corson - Raise me up or even Nico&Vinz - Am I wrong, this one too George Ezra - Budapest. Well, you can see I have many travel songs on my iPhone. I these songs are an essential part of the travels.

Do you think that too? what's your favorite traveling song?

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