jeudi 21 janvier 2016

I know I've been MIA when it comes to posts recently, it's almost been a month...wow I didn't see how long I was out of blogging!!
Well, you have my entire apologize, life has been all kind of crazy this past month with Christmas and new year and all...but worry not I AM BACK! and I'm back with a great adventure to tell.
Remember that post I wrote Something about CanariesVSAmsterdam well now there are no more VS since I've done both!!! I'm just returning from Amsterdam and it was awesome, it's a beautiful city, with beautiful weather...cold...really very cold...but beautiful, we had some snow and some Wind and we had the sun! that combination is perfect to me.

Did you know that Amsterdam is so small that you can visit it on foot? well you do have to enjoy walking (it took me like 2 or 3 hours to go through the entire city from East to West...but I was wandering around) otherwise if you don't feel like walking for that long, you can still rent a bike, Amsterdam is the city of bikes...there are even shops there just to customize your bike...that is AMAZING!!! The less amazing thing is that they have priority on pedestrians and if you don't know that or if like me you aren't used to it, it can be a little bit Dangerous, I almost get hit by more than one cyclists!!

What else can I say about that gorgeous city of fun...well I can say that 5 days is enough to discover the entire place, it is rather small but there is so much to see, the museums like Anne Frank or Stedelijk Museum, the museum of sex, of torture, Amsterdam Dungeon you kind of have the choice.
If you're not really into museums you've got the red quarter, the coffee shops, the Architecture is amazing there, I told you I loved that city, and the canals...you cannot miss the canals , there everywhere...well that is probably the complete architecture of Amsterdam, you also have markets, like the flower market or the artists market (not sure how that's called but I've seen Something like that ).
The bad point of all this is the restaurants...you don't have a real traditional restaurant...with a particular course...sure there are things that are different from what we're used to, like a Crab Burger or Bacon pancakes...But it was hard enough to find those!
I hope that will help those of you, who wants to visit Amsterdam some day or at least gives you the envy to go!! I did not regret it for a Second!!! Oh and I forgot, of course, you have Pubs, bars, and clubs...there all in the same spot, in Leidseplein!
I rent an apartment on Airbnb so I cannot tell you about youth hotels or other places to stay and if they're good, clean or anything, just know that it is amazing and that you have to go there some day!!!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What do you think of it?


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