dimanche 6 décembre 2015

You're taking pictures such as the ones above, and dressed like Indiana Jones!!
Personally, I am a huge fan of adventure movies, Indiana Jones, The Mummy (especially the Mummy), Lord of the rings and more modern The secret life of Walter Mitty....All this to say that that kind of movies have greatly influenced the person I am today.
Now I am part of the few people that thinks life isn't just about how society describes it, but that it is something more, it is an adventure!
Now the perfect shop to feel more like it is "Nature et Découverte". This one is my favorite, you can find anything and everything you wish...And I would  I know about it, my family and friends bought me soo many stuff in there that I could re-open a shop on my own!!!
I've got knives, a compass, a map, a survival kit, a solar battery, a diary and a lot more that I didn't show in here, like heated cushion a Navaro stool and more stuff like that...My wish, being sponsored by them one day, that would be AWESOME!!!
Now I only have to pack this stuff in my suitcase and go somewhere I'll use them, what about the Amazonian rainforest? Is it a good plan? Probably, I'll do it sometimes soon I hope, but for now I am packing for the Canary Island in approximately 10 days, that's going to be amazing, then in one month exactly from my departure to the Canary, I'll leave for Amsterdam, so the 15th of January (Yes, finally going!!).
My next post is probably going to be about what I will pack with me for the Canary Island, are you interested in it?

What do you think influenced you as a child and made you to the person you are now?

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