lundi 21 décembre 2015

When you haven't travel for so long, you start to forget how amazing it is!
Just to discover a new place, new people, what's their story and how they live...I had that feeling back when I traveled to the Canary Island, and it was amazing to feel that again.
Lanzarote, the first of the three island I've been, is a Volcanic Island, everything there is ashes and lava turned into rocks, and it made the landscape unique and curious to see, I had never seen that before, and I've seen many landscapes.
Visiting the Timanfaya national park is something I don't regret for a second, I hold Lava in my hands!!! What a feeling it is..well it's hot!! even if it already turned into small stones, the lava hasn't already cooled off.
The landscape made me think, a little bit, of a Post-apocalyptic world and it was really interesting to observe, I couldn't find any tree, there were some shrubs but no trees, beaches of black sands and sun even in december...compared to France it is perfect weather in winter, since the island is very close to Africa!
I stand up on lava cliffs, to see the perfect blue sea and I ate in a restaurant that was inside a volcano cave.
We can definitively say that if you don't want to spend winter in the cold you can go to the Canary Island, 26°c during December is totally fine by me!!

What about you, where is your perfect place to spend winter?


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