vendredi 13 novembre 2015

It's strange how things trends to evolve, you remember how you used to be when you were younger and you notice how much you've changed.
When it comes to me, well I remember how lost I was in life, the stupidest of all, was at school, I wasn't great at anything, really I was the same in everything, I did not have one subject I was great at.

At school, you always have that person who's better than everyone else and I didn't have that, you can trust me when I tell you that it use to bother me real hard!
A few years after, I started to show some interest in Tv Shows, English, and American ones and it irrevocably changed things for me, I started to get better in English, then better than the majority, and finally, over the years I was the best!
And today it makes me smile to remember how important it was for me, to find a purpose at school, because after that, after English, I still was lost, in what I wanted to do with my life, all my friends had such a clear idea of what they wanted, I was the only one to see things different!
 I was, and still am, a dreamer, I see life as it is, UNIQUE, "we only have but one life, so let's live it!!" that's my saying, some may not agree and I won't argue with you, you see life like it pleases you, but I think that we can't ruin it to please others.
In all my diaries, I cry, I complain, fell sad, happy, angry and sad again, all because I was still trying to be what others wanted me to be, to follow some stupid path that wasn't mine....then I discovered the world of travel and travelers and I can see that it has always been where I belong.
If I took some step back earlier, I could have seen it before, if I just took all my diaries like I did and put them next to one another, I could have seen the evolution, my diaries (which contains my feeling, my insecurities, my fears) had turned with time into travel diaries (which are my strength, my goal, my life) everyone does not see life as I do, I believe in destiny and my diaries were just a way to guide me, to the person I was supposed to be from the beginning!
I never knew exactly why I had to write down everything in gorgeous diaries, now I know, I am not lost anymore, I still am a dreamer, but I'm part of a group that sees life and the world differently, full of colors and cultures, a world of wanderlust!

Tell me, which object show you, your own evolution?

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