samedi 17 octobre 2015

N°1 Big Ben
Of course, you go to see Big Ben it's like the most important monument to see in London, according to to...well...almost everyone! You can't go home and tell your family and friends that you've been to London but you haven't seen Big Ben, it's like coming to Paris without seeing the Eiffel tower...aka NOT POSSIBLE!

N°2 Buckingham Palace
Well, I know that my picture isn't the best one of Buckingham but when I saw Australia written on it I couldn't ...not take that photo!! but I loved the fountain with the lions and all, the guards and their hats, amazing!

N°3 London Film Museum
It's not essential, the museum is rather nice, but not amazing, it is free though so if there's a moment when you don't know what to do you still can go over there, it's cool if it is raining outside and you're waiting to walk into a park or anything.

 N°4 The National British Museum
That one is very IMPORTANT, essential, everything, I've been there twice and I'll go again, I loved it and if you love museums that one must be on your TO DO LIST!!!!
 N°5 Sherlock Holmes House
Sherlock Holmes lovers you will like this one, enter into Holmes's hair, then buy everything you want in the shop...that one was my favorite part.

 N°6 The Tower Of London
No need for me to tell you that the Tower of London is the ESSENTIAL place you have to visit, it's like Big Ben you HAVE to visit it, it's not an option if you want to say that you've come to London!!
 N°7 London's Bridge
Amazing Vue, amazing place, a need to go, nothing more to say about!
 N°8 Go to Restaurant with Funny Names
Yes I know I am taking a photo because the name of the restaurant is odd, come on, the guy named his restaurant "wee-wee" I couldn't resist!!
N°9 Shakespear Theater
Last but not the least, Shakespear Theater, not the real one, this one is a replica, because the real one is in the countryside somewhere, but the one in London still is great to visit!!

I've been to London two years ago for Halloween, of course, I've been to London many times since but not for Halloween and it changes everything!!
The city feels different, like you go to the London Dungeon which tells you all the horror tales of London, Like Jack the Reaper and all!!! then you prepare yourself for parties, in pubs, clubs or at friends, everybody is dressed up as Witches, ghost, vampires, demons etc...weird music, weird people, all fun, all night!
I love HALLOWEEN, my favorite party, probably because I celebrate my birthday at the same time...it's pretty cool I think!

What's your favorite party of the year?

Pleins Des Bisous
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