vendredi 2 octobre 2015

Ah, my friends, you know what it is, right? we all felt it at some point, us travel lovers, that terrible moment when we get back home after a certain period of time abroad, exploring, living our own life, and then you're home, you are happy for the first three weeks because you get to see the people you left behind while chasing your dream.
Then you start to feel like you're trapped all over again in that restraining cage, with all those people around you having those great expectations for you. They want you to go back to your studies or get a job, a "real job" (whatever that means), they want you to do what "normal" people do, they almost tell you to grow up and follow the "normal" path, the path of society.
But they just don't get it, they don't understand that traveling actually is a lifestyle, that we need to travel, to see the world and explore to be happy, push our limits, find our own way and not the one people dictate us.
I want to see and understand the world, not to restrain myself to a life other people think is the best for me just because it is the "normal" thing to do!
And that's mostly what the traveler's blues is, being told by other people that your dreams are just that...a dream and that you can fulfill it but only after having several degrees, a job, a car, and a house, actually, once you have the same life as everybody else.
Well don't go all depressing, the only cure for the traveler's blues is to go back, or at least plan another trip...I may have come back home, after Australia and I was happy for three days and then devastated for like two whole weeks when I decided that I was leaving again, so I left for England, then right away I went to Scotland,  after that I was leaving for Ireland, I barely spent four months at home on nine , and then in three weeks I am going to Amsterdam and for Christmas I've planned to go back to London...that is the only way that you'll feel better, for those like me who were touch by the wanderlust, it is impossible to stay put for too long, but just knowing that you'll leave sometime soon...makes you feel happy all over again!!
Don't forget that the only thing stopping you for what you want to do... is yourself, don't wait for people to tell you how to live your see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of LIFE" I know I Watch too many movies but when I heard that quote...I just fell in love with it, it is soo inspiring!!

Don't you think?

Pleins Des Bisous
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