samedi 24 octobre 2015

Everything began on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015, when my friends and I regrouped in a Tapas Bar named "El Toro", which is quite nice by the way!
Well, we regrouped to talk about our soon to come weekend trip in the great city of Amsterdam on October 30th, happy girl that I am to go in Amsterdam on my birthday (the trip wasn't planned for my birthday but come'on they choose the date of my B-day weekend!!).
Well, my happiness did not last very long, since one of our "dearest" friends decided to call off on us...problem is, she was the one with the freaking car!!!
Totally disappointed, I want to cry my soul out, thanks to that girl, Amsterdam is now postponed to January 8th, 2016....I go home almost crying like a spoiled brat who didn't get what she wanted!!
The day after that I go to work, like every Thursday, trying to face quite normal, it didn't last either because while opening my email box I found ... not one but TWO email named something like "Fancy a weekend in Amsterdam?? Book with us!!" or "Amsterdam...the favorite destination for October"...PLEASE END ME NOW!!!
Then after watching my computer with a look that could kill a ghost...I go back to work has it almost never happened.
You think that my torment is over? it is not! my colleague, seeing my sad face tried to cheer me up by telling me this "hey girl!! come I'll show you what you can visit in Amsterdam for your weekend, you'll have so much fun, Lucky you!", at this point, I was pretty sure... I had done something wrong and God or karma, or any forces in this great universe had something against me!
I go back to my post depressed like hell, when finally my boss came at me, telling me that he has a great news for first I thought "he is going to finish me off with Amsterdam" well I waited, trying to figure out what he was going to announce me, finally he said "what do you think about ME sending YOU to the Canary Islands in December?"
"WAIT, WHAT????" was my first reaction (Inside my head of course).
Real reaction "I would LOVE it!!", "great I put your name on the list for it"....MEN, sometimes I really do love that job!!!
That's how I went from disillusion to amazingness in one day!!

What about you, tell me about your despair!!


PS: The photos aren't mine.
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