samedi 5 septembre 2015


I usually start my travel makeup routine with the Moisturizer from GARNIER skin natural, this one is called Crème Bienfaisante Nutritive (Nutritive Healing Cream). Well I use it when I'm not too much in a hurry otherwise I just go with the BBcream, but it is important to hydrate your skin while travelling, because most of the time we're outdoors, making our skin dealing with dry air, moist air, whatever...we're not usually nice with our face and body that's why I use this cream.

I normally do this at the end of my makeup but it's a moisturizing cream soo...
This one is called SHEA hand cream from THE BODY SHOP like I said, we're not nice to our face and body while traveling, this year except for Australia, I traveled in what we can call Cold countries...between Scotland and Ireland, my hands had a pretty rough time around!!
But to come clean, I basically bought it because it smells really really good, and it is 30ml so I can have it in my hand bag during the flight, but it doesn't prevent this cream from protecting and moisturizing my poor hands!


Then for my foundation, I use the BBcream+BLUR from GARNIER I took it in light shades because as you can see I've got a pretty fair skin, I really like this BB creams because as well as being a moisturizer, it is also a concealer and blend with your skin, to leave you with a flawless skin.

After that, to give my face a little bit of color during the summer, I put on a SEPHORA powder, it is named BRONZING POWDER.
When you open it at first it looks really dark, but that's normal, you really have to be careful not to put on too much...blend it good and you'll look like someone that's been Under the tropics sun...while in reality, you've just spent your summer under Irish rain!
Also, I love the smell of it, this powder smells like cocoa...I do love it!


 So once I'm over with the foundation, I start with the mascara and use the SCANDALEYES mascara EXTREME BLACK from RIMMEL LONDON, that one really is my favorite, first because of the packaging...I was born two days before Halloween, so I'm kind of into those black and it!
Then like it's written on it, it is extremely black, it makes my lashes darker and adds some volume.

 Finally, the is a ROUGE SHINE ( RED SHINE) from SEPHORA, I had that one as a gift for my birthday last year and I really loved the color, at first you feel like it makes your lips dryer but the feeling doesn't last and then it is rather good, and it add some shiny color to your face when like me you choose a more natural style.

 To end it all, I have a pretty natural Makeup, nice for summer and winter (just don't add the Bronzing Powder), and all this takes me five minutes each morning, sometimes three if I am in a hurry because I don't put on the Garnier Moisturizer and the Bronzing Powder... which kind of makes me look like a zombie!!

Now tell me, what is your travel makeup routine??

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