mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Like a lot of people, I've got a Bucket List of my own....A very very long one!!
But thanks to my strong will and my infinite wanderlust I've succeeded to achieve some "to do" of that list. Like hiking in Scotland, drinking Guinness in Ireland, celebrating my 16th birthday and walking in the Halloween parade in New York, backpacking in Australia, Partying in Portugal and some other stuff, but here's some (not everything) "to do" on my bucket list that I haven't done yet and I absolutely want to do!

N°1- Participate in an expedition to Antarctica with National Geographic

For some mysterious reason I've always wanted to work with National Geographic, maybe because of my adventurous spirit, but that doesn't really explain why Antarctica...well I find Antarctica to be the wildest country ever, perhaps because it isn't owned by any country, so no government, no people, just wild animals...going on an expedition there must be amazing!

N°2- Going to the Holi festival in India

I love partying, traveling and I love colors...I couldn't participate to the Holifest here in France, so I told myself that if I didn't participate here I'd just better go to India and celebrate there. Not a lot of people want to go there anymore, I think it's a shame, India is a country full a story and believes...amazing!!

N°3- See the Northern Lights in Iceland or Norway

I've always wanted to see them, what a beautiful show that must be! I am pretty sure that I'll cry the first time I'll see them!
But when it comes to Iceland, it is the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" that made me wanna travel to Iceland and Greenland, if you haven't Watch the movie, well you should, it is amazing!!

N°4- Sleep in an Igloo in Norway

That must be fantastic, plus in some igloo, you can observe the Northern Lights!

N°5- Be in two places at the same time

Lucky me this is going to be possible this summer since I'm going to dive in between two tectonic plates in Iceland, so I'll be in America and Europe at the same time...can't wait to do it!

N°6- Go to Coachella in the USA

USA is one of the countries I want to travel most, I've only been to New York so far, but some day I'll just rent a car and hit the Route 66, then go to New Orléans during Mardi Gras.... And while I'm here, I'll go to Coachella, that trip is going to take me years of preparations!!! looking forward to it...

N°7- Improve my Russian in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg

Russia is one of my top list "wanna visit" for a very long time, that's why I am Learning Russian, it's still very basic but I'll get better, a friend of mine just told me she would like to go some day, well baby... I can't wait for this day to come!

N°8- Visit the Egyptian Temples and dive in Egypt

Ever since I watched "the Mummy" I am obsessed with Egypt, Hieroglyphs, ancient Egypt, ancient Gods, and Temples. And the more I grow up, the more I feel attracted to it, unfortunately, the only thing holding me is the situation over there, but one day I'll come over and go there before they all disappear.

N°9- Visit Dracula's Castle in Transylvania/ Romania

Well it may or may not be a surprise for you but I am a supernatural addict (and I am not just talking about the show !) Werewolves, Witches and Vampires are my little addiction, so visiting Dracula's castle is like a child dream. Once I've done that I can die happy...just kidding but almost true!

N°10- Go and visit the BlackjaguarWhitetiger foundation in Mexico

I've known them for about a year now and I am amazed by what they do, I follow them on every social media I can and I've done some donation and written to them, I really am impressed with what they do and I am a feline lover so, couldn't support them more!

N°11- Climbing the Himalayas in Tibet

I'm sure I can do it if I don't lose my breath at the beginning, I climbed the Uluru so I can do it right? (that's Ironic of course)

N°12- Go to Sri Lanka just because it looks beautiful

I've seen some landscape of Sri Lanka while I was working as a cashier, just in front of me was that travel agency and their screen was always playing amazing destinations and then I saw it, Sri Lanka...the night after that, I was watching a tv show and guess where they were going...yep yep in Sri Lanka. That is at this exact moment that I've decided... I'll go there one day.

N°13- Do some Dogs sled, learn how to do maple syrup and Visit friends in Canada

Dogs sled must be fun, and I love husky so it is perfect... And Maple Syrup, that's just for the fun of it, then I'll take some time over there to visit Canadian friends I've made along my trip to Ireland.

N°14- Go on an Expedition in the Amazon Rainforest

Don't ask me why I like expeditions...I'm feeling like Indiana Jones and I love that feeling...Rainforest, because I want to participate and do something in order to save it!

N°15- Surf in Bali

Why not?

N°16- Learn how to meditate with Buddhist monks

Yes, I have some weird stuff on my bucket list, but that could be really nice to do that!

N°17- Go to Hawaii with my family

We're talking about bringing my mother in Hawaii for soo long that, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure that it happens...

N°18- Visit the Machu Picchu in Peru

That is the one I'm sure to achieve in the years to come, it is popular and I've got a lot of friends who wanna go as see you soon Peru!

N°19- Visiting a friend in Brazil

I haven't seen my friend in a long time...but I swear the first chance I have got to go to Brazil, I'll come and pay you a visit...then I'll go to Rio de Janeiro!

N°20- Teach English in  Cambodia

Why Cambodia? No clue, maybe because I've met Cambodian people and they were amazing or perhaps because Cambodia is a wonderful country ( don't know...never been there) so I'll go there and see for myself what I can do.

N°21- Swim with sea Lions in Galapagos or somewhere else

I don't know where else you can swim with sea Lions that why said Galapagos if you know other places please leave it in the comment below!

N°22- Swim with whales

I don't really care where, I just want to swim with whales, in Dominica, Africa, Maldives, Australia or Mexico or some place else, as long as I can swim among these beautiful creatures!

N°23- Do a Safari in Africa

I can't believe I didn't write it sooner, it's one of my first dreams since I wanted to be a wildlife Vet when I was a child haha.

N°24- See Penguins in the wild 𝞿

Penguins are one of my favorites animals, I've seen them in Australia and I can't wait to see them somewhere else!

There...I've shown you some of my Bucket List, it is a really long one because I want to travel the world and experience everything. The world is our home, why reduce ourselves by staying in our bedroom!

What about you? what's on your bucket list?

PS: the symbol 𝞅 means that's I've done it.

Pleins Des Bisous
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