lundi 31 août 2015

After road tripping 3 weeks in Ireland, it is impossible for me not to say that I definitely am in LOVE with that Green and Beautiful country!
My friend and I rented a car in Belfast and drove around the land until our last day in Dublin, and every second was fan-tas-tic...even the scary little two-way roads, like when I faced a tractor in a climbing road...duh not even scared!!!
What I love about road tripping, is that you always face the unexpected, you can perfectly plan your travel, something is inevitably coming your way...and it's okay, that's what makes it so exciting!
We had a lot of unexpected...we got lost in Malin Head searching for our host house and had to go ringing at some fellow houses and had to go to a bar, we climbed Croagh Patrick just to ended soo wet that our GPS died, I ended almost blind in Killarney (I still don't know what happened) and our host in Dublin smocked so much pot that by entering their room I was kinda high...well a lot more happened but I'm not gonna tell you everything, it could take some time!!
All to say that, it is the little trouble that happens during your trip that makes it worth being tell, of course the beautiful landscape and people you'll meet are worth being told as well but that is more enriching for yourself, and trust me, you want to meet the Irish, they're welcoming, helpful and always at your disposal when you need them...especially to go into, beers, and pubs really are their chosen field, they know how to party!!
We had so much fun, seen so many gorgeous places, meet so many amazing people...I wanted to go in Ireland for a very long time, and it is terrific to say that I was there and I loved it there!

Have you ever been to Ireland? what did you think of it?

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