lundi 6 juillet 2015

(Cape tribulation)
Well, I'm actually trying to turn this mess into a travel blog, I've been to other countries than Australia, but I've already done Scotland so I've decided to do some tips about that wonderful continent! And perhaps it would actually help someone or give you some ideas on what to do or where to go if you travel to Australia.I've seen almost the entire country, do some amazing stuff, meet a lot of people so  I've decided to do a story about places that aren't well known and probably should be.
there's just so much to see, Queensland is so green and full of places to visit.

 1. Brisbane Lone pine Koala Sancturay

The Lone Pine Koala  sanctuary is the only place in Australia where you actually can hold a koala and take a picture with it, (just Like several Celebrities did) you can hug a kangaroo or lots of kangaroos, walk next to an Emu , feed Parrot and  see Dingos without them chasing you, do a lot of things, see a lot of animals.

 2. Lake Morris and the Crystal Cascades

A little hard to find, well we actually had a hard time finding them, but it is a wonderful place and there is almost nobody, the place is so huge, that we saw a naked guy swimming into one of the crystal cascades next to us. this is one place you got to visit!

3.Cape tribulation

Well did I tell you about Cape tribulation? when I think of that place, I can only think of heaven, you're completely lost inside the jungle (well actually is it the Daintree forest) but cape tribulation has a camping spot within, I can only tell VERY VERY nice...wait no, AWESOME people, you can meet a lot of travellers around a campfire, at night chase after crocodiles, looking for Ghost Crabs on the beach still at night and during the day you'll probably meet Obama the rooster of Cape tribulation while you're eating a BLT at the cabin. After that, you'll go for a walk in the Daintree forest or go diving in the great barrier reef swimming with turtles, dolphins or even whales if you're lucky enough! and if you're too scared to swim next to the whales, go and climb the cliff to watch them from a distance. It actually took me four days to do it all but you can stay longer or less, it's up to you guys! last thing about CAPE TRIBULATION... leave your SHOES at the door!

4. The tropic days Backpackers in Cairns

 We only slept one night in there but that place was beautiful, like really beautiful and when it's been a few weeks since you last slept in a real bed, been in a real bathroom, you can only be glad to go there, big bathroom, a very cosy dorm room, the must in there, is the welcoming barbecue (only on Mondays) , they make you try crocodile, emu, kangaroo and a very special fish (I do not recall the name). Oh did I forgot to tell you about the pool? yeah, there's a pool!

After climbing the well known Uluru, We took the road to Darwin, Northern Territory.

5. Mataranka

Do you want to do some Canoe with crocodiles right by your side and swim into a natural swimming pool, see some amazing landscape ?well you do have to go there, the canoe is cheaper than anywhere else and you almost swim with the crocodiles! I swear you could touch them, I mean you can if you feel like it, personally I was happy enough to feel them under my canoe!

6. The Four Birds

Do you love Muffins? well I do, and I can tell you that I've never eaten  better muffins than in the four birds, it's a small café in Darwin, homemade muffins every day a different flavour, I've tasted the blueberry/raspberry/chocolate chip muffin, the caramel/apple/raspberry muffin and the apple/chocolate chip/raspberry muffin, and one is enough, they're fresh and big, and you take a hot cocoa, a coffee to get along ... you can only fall in love with the four birds.

7. Butterfly's river

When you arrive at Katherine's gorge, go for a walk, about 7.5miles/12km inside the bush , like for real, there was no road, no real trail, you walk trough a dry river (rocks and rocks and rocks), a small creek, climb over tree trunks, don't forget about the sun and heat, (the fact that we were the only persons to go on an improvised treck in the Australian Bush wearing flip-flops, swimsuits, and dresses!!) but it is actually worth it...this is beautiful!!

8. Darwin Night Markets

And the last but not the least Darwin night markets on Thursdays and Sundays, I've done severals night markets and this is definitely my favourite, you can buy almost everything there, food, jewels, didgeridoo paint by hand on spot, boomerangs (same as didgeridoos), candles, well you get it, almost everything, and it is fun and welcoming, a really good time! Plus it's right next to the beach, buy an ice cream and go eat it sitting on the sand watching the magnificent Sunset.

Well, I hope you liked it, and that you'll feel inspired by places to visit if you go to Australia!
Pleins des Bisous.
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