mercredi 10 juin 2015

Today I wanted to write about the planning of my road trip to Ireland. Whenever I'm traveling, one of my favorite moments is the planning!!
Looking for the places I'll discover, the many famous monuments, muséums...I'll visit, it's like I start to live again, to me traveling is how I consider my life full, complete.
When I'm at home, living the routine again, it's not life, it's an intermediary, a necessary moment so that I can start living my life again through travels.


It's not a total mess...yet, it is kind of organized, a few pencils, here and there, paper so I can write my ideas on, my laptop so I can look on websites, my phone because it is so much faster than my laptop and of course the indispensable...the guide books, my favorite is the well known, Lonely planet, mostly because of all the colors and the pictures, that makes it more fun to browse.
 "Le routard" is also one of the best, just more formal, lots of writings but less expensive than the Lonely planet.

Right in the middle of the operation, I tend to spread, pencils are all over the place, the paper I was supposed to write my ideas on, is full of tested colors, with a few and not organized ideas, my computer is still on the same page as the beginning, my phone is switched off, only the guide books turned into something not messy, yeah, because lets face it... even in that mess I kinda know what I'm doing...I am organizing my travel Book!

So, that's how my work looks like in the end, pretty well colored and not so messy, right?
 I still am not the queen of road trip planning but I'm making my way through it, slowly but surely!!
Of course making colored papers in a guide book isn't what makes a road trip planned, there are the plane tickets to take, different hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts to compare, a car to rent etc...but admit it, the best part is to go, when you're at the airport, you're heartbeat is already racing, and when you step on the plane, you're completely relaxed because you know that you're leaving the daily life behind and that the adventure is ahead...well at least it's how I feel, maybe you're feeling the same, or maybe not.
I'm really curious to know how YOU feel when you're going abroad, so please leave a comment and tell me!

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