mardi 2 juin 2015

Well, Today I started to feel a little bit of NOSTALGIA concerning Australia, so here will follow some pictures that should have been on this blog at first.

Well, those who travels must know what it's like to come home after such a journey, living the daily routine, it is not an easy thing, especially when like mine, your journey has been shortened.

Well I decided to start with my trip to the Blue mountains:

 A group of Koreans had rushed in a few minutes after I took that picture, they were all over the place, taking everything in photos, and then they were gone as fast as they arrived, while my friends and I were lying down, tired of the long walk we just did.

This place is like one of the most beautiful I've visited in Aussie so far, lots of walks and discovery, I even took a "shower" if we can call it that way in a waterfall, that day was really hot and the refreshing waterfall was more than welcome.

On our way to Melbourne:
 Well this photo was taken by a river on my way to Melbourne actually, we were coming from the blue mountains with some friends, we met in the Blue mountains, the guys below, that's usually what happens in Australia, you stop in a rest area and BOOM you meet people and you start to travel together, that's what makes it so fun.

In that moment, boys decided to play some music but that was without including the kids that definitely wanted to play with their instruments.

 Melbourne's beautiful city

Yarram here we came:

 Those two pictures were taken in a Rainforest in Yarram, it was so unexpected because Yarram looks like a desert, I was happy to walk into a rainforest, because I was missing them, on my first journey to Australia I spend most of my time in Queensland, and when there's a lot of rainforest in Queensland.
 Yep tomato I am not afraid of you!
Then we drive on the GREAT OCEAN ROAD:

 the twelve apostles
 That's how a selfie with Emues looks like!!

 the Mackenzie falls

With the pictures below you'll discover that I have a thing for Climbing rocks.

The Great Animals that makes Australia what it is!!
 the Grand KOALA
The beautiful KANGAROO
The magnificent KOOKABURRA
Yeah I kinda miss Australia, and my friends over there, I have come to meet people that live there and even to see my friends from my first trip, I haven't seen them in two years, it was amazing to see them again, have some fun. I really hope to see them again and probably go back to Oz some other day but not now, I want to travel the world, visiting countries I have not yet seen.
Which country do you want to go to next? Or maybe are going to?

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