samedi 9 mai 2015

How am I to do it? How can I forget it? Those stupid feelings, if destiny always puts that stupid name on my way, it's like having a constant reminder, you try hard to forget, you do your best not to remember and yet fate gets across the way. It may be a test, to see how I react toward it, what I am doing to free myself from something I and I only got myself into. Well if it is, for now, I haven't passed the test!
I was almost over that stupid feeling, it is so hurtful to notice how people have power over you, how feelings can be created from nothing more than a smile or a kind gesture.
And that my friends it's how to be fooled!
How can we be so weak? That easily fooled up by feelings that have no reason to exist! To me, it's almost a disease to create feelings that have no valid reason to be here. Like for example to be the invisible girl that is finally seen by the quarterback or vice versa the lonely boy that the popular girl notice, it is stupid, dumb! A person should never have that power over another one, but it's entirely our fault, we shouldn't let them have it!
It is our duty toward ourselves to never ever let anyone make a fool of us, to let them hurt us even if they don't do it on purpose. If that person doesn't notice you, don't prove you how much she/he cares about you then she/he isn't interested, we have to forget those feeling our mind created because it's our mind, our feelings and only us can stop experiencing them. Stop creating bonds that never existed, no matter how many signs you think you saw, they aren't there, you imagined them! It's not a pleasant experience I grant you that, but at the end of it, we only grow stronger.

PS: Of course I am not talking about everybody, there are different cases and I am very happy if it goes well for you.
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