samedi 16 mai 2015

I organized a romantic dinner tonight for two friends of mine and that was CRAZY!!! I love organizing parties but a romantic dinner was a first and it went really well...
It felt really good to know that I've helped to make my friends happy and carefree of all the problems that life puts in your way, I could see into their eyes how thankful they felt.
Never forget how helping others, even with small attentions, feels good, it's an act of kindness and it can only be rewarded...and trust me your friends or family, even other people, won't forget what you've done for them.
Some people around you might not have easy lives, some can have real problems to deal with, every single day and offer them a loophole even for a few hours is the best you can offer them!

What I can assure is that my friends left more in love than ever, they forget every problem they have and only enjoy the moment, don't forget it life is made of moments...enjoy it like it's your last, we have but one life, enjoy, be kind, help those around'll see, it feels really good.another one, but it's entirely our fault, we shouldn't let them have it!
It is our duty toward ourselves to never ever let anyone make a fool of us, to let them hurt us even if they don't do it on purpose. If that person doesn't notice you, don't prove you how much she/he cares about you then she/he isn't interested, we have to forget those feeling our mind created because it's our mind, our feelings and only us can stop experiencing them. Stop creating bonds that never existed, no matter how many signs you think you saw, they aren't there, you imagined them! It's not a pleasant experience I grant you that, but at the end of it, we only grow stronger.

PS: Of course I am not talking about everybody, there are different cases and I am very happy if it goes well for you.
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