mardi 26 mai 2015

Oh dear! I've had the worse morning ever, you know Murphy's law? If you do then you can imagine how  awful my morning was if you don't then it's about anything that can go wrong, will go wrong... also known in France as "la Loi de l'emmerdement maximum", (sorry I don't know the exact translation of this!)
well it starts this morning with me going to my interview for a school admittance, well it didn't work as you can guess, they said I was too young and had no competence in that field (I'M HERE TO LEARN!!!! IDIOTS) either you're too old or too young in this world, they never agrees on anything. Well, that's until 11.30 am then to relax I go to a shop, right next to my (never will be) school. I hang out for half an hour or so, then I'm feeling hungry so I decide to go eat at Mcdonalds, then I finally decides not to, and go home, I stop the car when the light went red waiting for the green light, when it came I start the vehicle again and turn to the left, except that a guy that obviously did not see the red light on his side, starts his vehicle and drive right into mine...BANG!! He completely destroyed my car, I had nothing physically only my car was hurt in the accident! 
That is a hell of a bad morning, my friends!
It happened at noon and I came back home at 3 pm, why me? I had such a bad start that it had to continue...even worse, the universe tried to warn me when I went shopping, I briefly saw a book about Murphy's law, but I didn't pay any attention to it...well I should have!
Well now that I have written my bad day down, it is still important to notice that, it is only a bad day and not a bad life, Okay my future right now is a little unclear, but Murphy's law isn't going to stick around every single day, I can't be that unfortunate, right? If all the doors are closed it is to lead me to the perfect one, exact?

Have you ever had a day like this? like everything went wrong that day?
If what I am writing isn't making any sense, please tell me, so I can improve myself, thanks!

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