dimanche 26 avril 2015

People there are really sweet and if you want to go and live in the Highlands, well they're waiting for you!! the tour-guide from the Loch Ness tried to sell us an Island, she was really fun, that was a sunny Lucky day, even if I haven't seen Nessie.

I think that Inverness is the most beautiful of the three cities I've visited, it has the charm of small cities and the river Ness and the mountain, god the Snowy mountains!!

Where to go in Inverness: Like I said, Inverness is a really beautiful city, you obviously have to go to the Loch Ness and see Nessie with your own eyes..or not!
If you stay for more than just a few days the best you can do is to go on a hike in the Highlands, the mountains are so gorgeous, especially it the sun. Go to the old part of Inverness, go to the new part, get lost that all you need to see everything you need.

Where to eat in Inverness: well there's no place like a good Scottish restaurant so we went to the Mustard Seed and wow that's amazing, We loved it, it wasn't too expensive £15 for an appetizer, a plate and the desert!! which was delightful.

Where to stay in Inverness: The Tourist Young Hostel, in this entire trip, this was the best hostel we've been in. The most expensive £21 for two nights but the best! People were kind and glad to have us there, the living room always full of people playing something (piano, guitar...) or watching a movie, talking just to chill out with a cup of tea or coffee, same in the kitchen, the dormitory was very quite, very clean, changed every day, the toilet and bathroom right next to your bedroom, to me it's a really great experience.

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