mercredi 29 avril 2015

Such a great city, full of life and light, the weather wasn't with us but there's so much to see, the streets, the gardens, the people!!

Where to go in Edinburgh: Well, just get lost in the streets, they will lead you everywhere you need to be, the museums, the donjon, the castles, the pipers, the queen's gardens and the parks, there's a giant mountain in the middle of the city, I have to say that's impressive! well, you'll see all that by getting lost, it worked for me! Oh, I forgot, go to Finnegan's, it's an Irish pub, it's really great, sure it was for Patrick's day but I had a great time there.

Where to eat in Edinburgh: To be honest, we went eating in a French restaurant, Chez Jules, it was really good, but expensive, we actually met a french girl working there! but there's also The DOME, beautiful restaurant, you'll think of it like it's expensive but don't stop at what it looks like, it is not that expensive for such a beautiful place.

Where to stay in Edinburgh: We stayed at the St Christopher's inn, it's really well placed, in the center of the city, next to the bus and train station, with a pub and restaurant within. Free wifi, a chill-out room, and £10 per night.
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