mardi 14 avril 2015

Not long after I came back from Australia I took a Eurostar ticket to go and see a friend of mine that lives in Nottingham (North of England), then we decided to go on a trip to Scotland, it was completely on a whim, I was kind of sad to be back from Australia and my friend was bored with her studies, so we took three cities to go to, Glasgow, Inverness (that one was because of Outlander (the show)and the Loch Ness, we wanted to see Nessie) then Edinburgh and bus tickets then reservation to youth hostel and we left.

Well, I have to say that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited so far, I already knew I would love the Highlands since I was dreaming of that place since I am a child but seeing it for real that was something else.

Where to go in Glasgow: Glasgow is so full of life, there's music everywhere in the city, especially on Bath Street, the "mall street". You'll find every shop you need over there, even the bus station is nearby. Then, of course, there's Loch Lomond to see in priority, even if it's really cold and you just want to go back to your bed, it's magnificent, and well you can't go back because you go there by bus and the bus isn't coming for the next few hours, but that was pretty fun I have a good memory of that place! You have to visit the university of Glasgow, I want to study there just because I'll feel like Harry Potter!! but my best advice when you travel is just to get lost in the city.

Where to eat in Glasgow: We have tried that little place called Bagelmania and that was so good, okay I took a milkshake with a BLT bagel but that was good and not expensive. We haven't tried much there after you still have the classics, Nancho's, Subway and Mcdonalds.
Where NOT to stay in Glasgow: Well for that one, since I only stayed one night in Glasgow my only advice is not to stay in the Bluesky hotel, the welcoming is quite good but the dormitory are really dirty, it's really cheap, £7.5/night is a really good price but in my opinion it doesn't necessarily mean that the hotel has to be durty or barely decorated, I mean you have 14 beds or more in a room with nothing else and on the other side of the road, meaning you have to cross a road between the living place of the hotel and your bedroom. And the key of your dormitory is the same that the front door meaning everybody has the same why do we even need the key for? well you can say, I didn't like the place, for one night it's not so bad but not for more.

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