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SEA, SUN & SARDINIA// Maiitikaa's life

mercredi 22 novembre 2017

Hi Guys, 
Hope you'll enjoy the video, sea, sun and Sardinia! 
It's truly an amazing place to rest and have fun under the warm sun. 
I've heard so much about Sardinia without ever going there but once you've been there you just wanna go back!
Hope it'll bring some sun and holidays in your life!

Here's the link of the video on my youtube channel if you need:

Pleins des bisous!!


jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Buongiorno friends!

Going to Sardinia felt AMAZING, I had not been to the beach in such a long time (and when I say beach I mean warm sun and hot sand under my feet kind of beach).

Initially, I was supposed to go to Croatia, but then I usually leave with a restricted budget and this time Croatia was too expensive for that budget (400€ max). And well, we were extremely lucky, from what I heard from a friend two weeks before I left (for Sardinia then) Croatia had been hit by a huge storm that destroyed many landscapes, from what she told me, the tremendous flood caused the closure of all the national parks and other touristic activities.
We were super lucky that Croatia was too expensive for us, but still, I'm sorry to hear that so much had been damaged there.

Let's go back to Sardinia!

I have so many things to tell you about but first things first...what's not to do!


Well we all know Rental cars, it is one of the most known platform to rent cars during our stay abroad, but what we didn't see coming was that RENTAL CARS has subsidiaries, so we didn't rent a car at RENTAL CARS but at WELCOME CARS and let me tell you that the comment was NOT the soon as we arrived at the rented place, we had problems, my credit cards was apparently not a real credit card but a debit card, first time I've heard that one!
I won't tell you all that happened because the entire thing took us two hours...Let's say that the French couple before us had apparently the same problem and that the entire thing was a scam, they force you to take the insurance otherwise they do everything they can to never give you the deposit back! and trust me you don't want to lose 1500€!

So please be careful while renting a car, read the little lines and don't go to WELCOME CARS!

Now that I warned you about that let's talk about the pleasure of being in SARDINIA!!!

Well, there's nothing to do really but to enjoy and relax, Sardinia is mostly known for its amazing beaches, restaurants, and ice creams. REAL relaxing holidays!









We stay at the ISOLA ROSSA apart-hotel, very nice place in the north, 1h30 away from pretty much everything meaning 1h30 away from Alghero (Ouest of the Island) and 1h30 away from Olbia (Est of the Island).

The apartment was quite nice, but if you rent there don't forget to take sheets and towels because they're not included and it's 10€ per person (for both towels and sheets). otherwise, it's really good, the owner is super nice and well kind of weird but fun.

There is not much to tell about Isola Rossa, it's a small town near the beach, there are more restaurants and beaches shops than anything else.


  • Enhorabona (Alghero) 


  • Dolci Sardi (Isola Rossa)

  • L'Oasi (Dune di Piscinas)

  • Regelato (Sassari (ice cream)

Ever been to Sardinia? tell me what did you like? 

If you have more addresses, more places to go and food to eat, please leave a comment!!



mardi 10 octobre 2017

Hello Guys!

Like I've told you before Beauty posts aren't really my thing but I've decided to open up my horizons and try some from time to time, and I'm doing my best so that they're always related to what we need during our travels.

Well, I think that you'll find this post to be quite interesting because I'm pretty sure that what I am going to talk about is important as much in your daily life as it is in your traveling times.

Let's go back to September 7th when I received an email from, sharing with me their Natural deodorant guide...yes you've got it, this post is about DEODORANT, but not just any deodorant, natural aluminum-free deodorant.

What is is a website that does research about pretty much everything that we consume, they give us the best advice about anything and everything to prevent us from doing infinite googling.

If you want to learn and understand more about what they do,  CLICK HERE

After reading their NATURAL DEODORANT GUIDE I found some familiar names...indeed I had heard about many of those deodorants and even using one for at least a year. Yes, it is possible to fall in love with a deodorant, I found the perfect one for me...Schmidt's Deodorant Bergamot and lime.

I think you'll find it interesting to read what they say about deodorant and maybe find the one that is made for you, I am very interested in their research and can't wait to test other deodorants!

Here is their 30-second review about the natural Deodorant

"The best natural deodorant fends off odor without using ingredients that are likely to be toxic or irritating. After talking with a dermatologist, a chemist, and two natural deodorant creators, we hand-tested 23 to find our top picks: aluminum-free formulas with pleasant scents, goop-free application, and minimal residue."


Here is the one I use.

I first discovered it in my older sister's Birchbox, and I can't live without it anymore!

The strong scent of lime makes you feel fresh all day long even after a long day, I tried it after a run and I still smelt fresh, no smell of sweat, it doesn't keep you from sweating though, we all know that sweating is something good and not to prevent.

You have many scents so don't worry if you don't like bergamot and Lime.

For the others that propose in their Guide, I haven't tested them but I've heard a lot and did some research of my own, especially about SAM'S NATURAL DEODORANT, it's a shame though that they don't deliver in France, but I'm sure you can test it in lots of other parts of the world and I can't wait for you to leave me a comment and tell me what you think of it.

They also talk about For Pit's sake deo, Green Tiding, Fatco stank stop deo and Agent Nateur & Shiva rose holi deo... you can read in their review what they found about them, personally I only ever heard about Schmidt's, Sam's and For Pit's Sake deodorant, and from what I understood they still have a lot to learn about the last three ones.

I think that  natural beauty is very important, especially for is important to know what we put on our body  and knowing that they're aluminium-free is all that matters to me, when I'm traveling I can take my deodorant in my bag in the cabin and I know that it won't harm me or the planet, it's like having a natural shampoo while bathing in a river, you don't want to pollute the river? well, then its more than natural to do the same with your body.

Have you ever used natural deodorant before? What do you think about natural beauty? What is your opinion about and their natural deodorant guide?


*Some pictures aren't mine, they're from google image.

MY SWEET LONDON// Maiitikaa's Life

jeudi 5 octobre 2017

Hello fellows!!

Finally did my video of London, three fantastic days in a sunny and warm london with my family...hope you'll enjoy the video!!

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of it in the comment.

Have a nice day.



jeudi 28 septembre 2017

Hello guys! 

To tell you the truth it was my sixth or seventh times in London and I'm still loving the place, sure it might seem like I've seen and done all there's to do in London but I can assure you that's not the case!
After all this time I still manage to find places I've never been before, a restaurant I've never eaten to and the experience is never the same because the people I go there with are never the same.

For once I went there with my family and how lucky we were, I never had such an amazing weather, it was sunny and warm for three days, while it was raining in Paris haha, you could see the Londoners in shorts and shirts, children with no clothes on, everybody in the many parks simply enjoying some sun.

During this long weekend, we walked along the Thames from Big Ben to the Tower Bridge, Then from the London Tower to the Subway to go to Notting Hill to have fun in the Creole Carnival, one advice it's no place to be with your family... It could have been fun with friends and when you are prepared because for us it was more of a Festival than a Carnival and we had no us it was like the world was about to end and everybody just wanted to get drunk and high and scream and danced until everything was I said we were not prepared.

Then we walked to Paddington just to rest in Kensington Gardens, after this very long day of walking around London. Sometimes it's really nice to enjoy doing nothing, lying down in a park, talking and laughing...until it's dinner time!

Of course, we walked in Hyde Park as well, trying to touch some squirrels, went to London center and did some shopping, where do you go shopping in London? Picadilly Circus and Oxford street of crouse... try to see and do as much as possible during our stay!
And since the weather was amazing it was like the entire population of London was out on the street, not so great when you're doing some shopping but it really showed us what an exciting City London is, it was electrifying, all the people and the shows on the streets, it was full of life...I Loved it!

 What I wanted to do most of all was Camden Market, you know how I love my markets haha but then I heard about the fire and I was so sad, what a beautiful multicultural place had been destroyed...
But then we did Notting Hill on Saturday morning and they actually put the two markets together, I was in heaven! It was the longest market ever but you could distinctly see Notting Hill Market from Camden Market.

Since it was the first time in London for some of us, we went to Buckingham Palace and St James Park, I have to say that I did Buckingham and St James the first time I was in London, so back in 2005...It brought back a lot of memories because London was actually my very first abroad travel, It's London that first gave me the lust for travels, and ever since I can't stop visiting the world. That must be why London is a place I can't stop coming back to.

Few food adresses:

  • CERU: levantine food, super good (try the cocktails they're amazing!!)
  • JAVA U : Perfect for breakfast and brunches.
  • Tommi's BURGER JOINT: One of the best burger I ate in my life!!

I just love London and if you know more adresses or places in London I should go to, please leave them in the comment!

Ever been to London? More original adresses? I'm a food lover so please don't hesitate.