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mercredi 29 novembre 2017

Halo my friends,

Canada is exactly as I thought it would be, I felt that deep connection to the land and the nature that surrounded me.
As I landed I could see the sunset and it was then, at this moment that I truly saw the color of Canada.

My first step on the ground was tainted in pink...but I come to realize that it wasn't only my step, my entire body, every move that I made was colored by the pink atmosphere...It was surreal...All along my travels I could spot the differences between the countries that I visited, by the smell of it, Australia, USA, Scotland etc... they have a smell that makes them particular but Canada is different, Canada has a color!

Have you ever seen a movie or a TV Show about the first colons of Canada?

Well, if you have then you know that when you land for the first time there, you expect trees everywhere and rivers and lakes surrounded by pines or maples full of colors...well, that's exactly how Montreal and its surroundings look like!
I have to say that I wasn't disappointed.
When I arrived at first all I could see was the small towers, the coffee shops and the Pubs and everything you see in a City like Montreal but when you take a little height, like I did on top of the Oratory Saint Joseph, it was there, the river and the trees under one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen, the light was extraordinary and the colors? It was pink melted in orange in between yellow rays over that huge river.
I have to say I kinda felt like Pocahontas at the end of the Disney movie, it was epic!

As I walked through the City, I saw those little squirrels absolutely everywhere, even in New York City or London I haven't seen that many Squirrels...some grey, some brown others black and white, you pick one!!

Life felt good, all those people so nice that they apologize even when it's not their fault, so happy that you only have to ask them how they do to make them smile and so polite that they make a line waiting for the bus (something I haven't seen anywhere else).
It was super weird not to see anyone running or walking fast in the streets, they just enjoy and take time to do what they have to do and it's working, nothing stressful, it kind of felt like I was in Candyland!

Montreal isn't a big City, I mean we saw all of it in pretty much one day, Chinatown is only on one block, the port is deserted during fall time and there's not a lot of souvenir shops.
You can visit the museums though, there's a lot of coffee shops (StarbucksSecond Cup, anticafé...), Ice cream & food shops (Chocolat favoris (you have to try it, it's like the best ice cream ever!!), Kamehameha (more of a restaurant, amazing one by the way but the ice creams have fish shapes!) Beaver TailsLabanquise (Poutine restaurant), PoutineVilleMcKibbin's Irish pub

But the most important activity to do during fall time...HIKES!!
Montreal is near so many Hiking trails, Mount Orford, Mount Tremblant, Mount Saint-Hilaire and I'm pretty sure that there is much more mount to hike.

About the Nature of Quebec, if the word "colorful" or the expression " Shine brightly" was enough to describe it, I would definitely use them but alas it's not adequate.
One tremendously told me about the wonderful fall colors that Canadian nature would take during october but never would I have imagined it well enough...the entire world becomes golden even ocher, it's like the sun was shining trough every yellow, orange, red or pink leaves of every trees there is, like finally the world was waking up and offered its most amazing colors.
Go on a hiking trail to the top of Mont Orford was one of the most beautiful experience of my life, there nature was breath taking, the colors, the atmosphere of that maple forest were...unique!
So I simply sat on top of the Mount and watch that unique beauty.

This was my first time in Canada, stay tuned for the rest of my adventures in Quebec!

Want to go to Canada yet? Ever been to Montreal? Have some tips? don't hesitate and share in the comments!!


SEA, SUN & SARDINIA// Maiitikaa's life

mercredi 22 novembre 2017

Hi Guys, 
Hope you'll enjoy the video, sea, sun and Sardinia! 
It's truly an amazing place to rest and have fun under the warm sun. 
I've heard so much about Sardinia without ever going there but once you've been there you just wanna go back!
Hope it'll bring some sun and holidays in your life!

Here's the link of the video on my youtube channel if you need:

Pleins des bisous!!


jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Buongiorno friends!

Going to Sardinia felt AMAZING, I had not been to the beach in such a long time (and when I say beach I mean warm sun and hot sand under my feet kind of beach).

Initially, I was supposed to go to Croatia, but then I usually leave with a restricted budget and this time Croatia was too expensive for that budget (400€ max). And well, we were extremely lucky, from what I heard from a friend two weeks before I left (for Sardinia then) Croatia had been hit by a huge storm that destroyed many landscapes, from what she told me, the tremendous flood caused the closure of all the national parks and other touristic activities.
We were super lucky that Croatia was too expensive for us, but still, I'm sorry to hear that so much had been damaged there.

Let's go back to Sardinia!

I have so many things to tell you about but first things first...what's not to do!


Well we all know Rental cars, it is one of the most known platform to rent cars during our stay abroad, but what we didn't see coming was that RENTAL CARS has subsidiaries, so we didn't rent a car at RENTAL CARS but at WELCOME CARS and let me tell you that the comment was NOT the soon as we arrived at the rented place, we had problems, my credit cards was apparently not a real credit card but a debit card, first time I've heard that one!
I won't tell you all that happened because the entire thing took us two hours...Let's say that the French couple before us had apparently the same problem and that the entire thing was a scam, they force you to take the insurance otherwise they do everything they can to never give you the deposit back! and trust me you don't want to lose 1500€!

So please be careful while renting a car, read the little lines and don't go to WELCOME CARS!

Now that I warned you about that let's talk about the pleasure of being in SARDINIA!!!

Well, there's nothing to do really but to enjoy and relax, Sardinia is mostly known for its amazing beaches, restaurants, and ice creams. REAL relaxing holidays!









We stay at the ISOLA ROSSA apart-hotel, very nice place in the north, 1h30 away from pretty much everything meaning 1h30 away from Alghero (Ouest of the Island) and 1h30 away from Olbia (Est of the Island).

The apartment was quite nice, but if you rent there don't forget to take sheets and towels because they're not included and it's 10€ per person (for both towels and sheets). otherwise, it's really good, the owner is super nice and well kind of weird but fun.

There is not much to tell about Isola Rossa, it's a small town near the beach, there are more restaurants and beaches shops than anything else.


  • Enhorabona (Alghero) 


  • Dolci Sardi (Isola Rossa)

  • L'Oasi (Dune di Piscinas)

  • Regelato (Sassari (ice cream)

Ever been to Sardinia? tell me what did you like? 

If you have more addresses, more places to go and food to eat, please leave a comment!!